Are you ready to Furby?

Are you ready to Furby?

The new Furby app updates offer more languages and features, such as like ‘Boombox’, ‘Spring Theme’, and ‘Go To Sleep’, which are now available in iTunes and Android Market.

Parents and kids will be thrilled to know that from now till June 2013, FURBY fans can get their fix to enjoy various updates on the FURBY app that will cater a whole new level of fun and interactive time with their FURBY and PARTY ROCKERS.

The entertaining application is available for download in the iTunes store for free and also in the Android Market.

Complementing the FURBY and PARTY ROCKERS, the app promises to take user-FURBY interactivity to a whole new level! You can now take your FURBY out for a spin or feed it some snacks right from your mobile!

Along with the existing features -- Pantry, Deli, Translator, Dictionary -- the new updates introduce new features like the Boombox, Spring Theme, Go To Sleep and more. With the fun-filled activities and new app updates and features, you will never want to leave your FURBY alone.

That's not all, as FURBY fans can also look forward to the first day of each month from now till June 2013 for different updates to the FURBY App.

In addition to English, Singapore FURBY fans can also now enjoy communicating with their FURBY in Chinese and Korean.

Using the Dictionary feature, users will also be able to translate Furbish to 16 different foreign languages. If you still can't get enough, other mini FURBY games such as FURBY Match Game, Music Game and Maze Game can also be found on for your enjoyment.

Grab your FURBY today at any Toys’R’Us outlets or major department stores and download to latest FURBY app that brings your entertainment experience to a whole new level of interactive fun!

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Roshni Mahtani

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