10 Instagram filters for the trigger-happy mum

10 Instagram filters for the trigger-happy mum

If you are one of those trigger-happy mums who love to churn out perfect images, here’s a list of Instagram filters you might want to check out!

Mums love clicking and posting photos of their kids online with Instagram filters. The first walk, first tooth, first smile, first outing... the list goes on.  

What is more passionate is the fervour with which they log onto Facebook and share images of baby with relatives, acquaintances, play date friends etc.

So what about days where your baby doesn’t turn out as cute as you would like to portray him? You know kids have their days: bad hair, red eyes and pimply breakouts. Time to slap on some filter and you’re sure to garner the likes!

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#1 Toaster: When you want to add a cool glow to your baby

Is your baby looking dull and drab? Why not add a glow and warmth to your baby’s photo, through the Toaster filter. The filter creates a sherbet tint, and adds that cool glow to the center of the photo, taking you back to Polaroid days. A good one to you when baby shots have been taken outdoors – think picnics and summer evenings.

#2 Charmes: When you want a super charming baby

Charmes adds that high contrast feel to your little ones photo, making him look totally charming. See how it warms up colours in the photograph with a red tint. And if you have taken a photograph of the baby in dim light, this filter is sure to work wonders.

#3 Willow: When you want a monochrome baby

Want to create an album like looks your album from baby days. How about using the Willow filter to convert images to black and white. There are other monochrome filters too like Inkwell, but Willow has a softer feel. Looks super on baby portraits.

#4 1977: When you want a retro baby

As the name suggests, 1977 helps make your baby photos look retro by adding a 70s feel to your baby’s images. By increasing exposure of the photograph, the image will look brighter, but faded.

#5 Rise: When you want a sunshine baby

Need to make it to a social do, and baby looking under the weather? Here’s a solution. Use the Rise filter, which makes baby skin look soft and smooth. You will see how – the filter balances colour to make blemishes disappear, and adds that wonderful glow to an image. When you want a rise and shine baby.

#6 Reyes: When you want a fair and lovely baby

Fair is lovely? The Reyes filter believes so. Add this filter to your baby’s image, and he is going to look three shades fairer. That said, we recommend it for night photos of baby, which are underexposed.

#7 Amaro: When you want a bright baby

Add that light and airy glow to your mom and baby selfie by using the Amaro filter. The go-to filter for blue-eyed selfies and dark photos, Amaro will lighten up your baby’s image.

#8 Skyline: When you want a sharp baby

Skyline makes your baby’s image look sharp.  Yes, it is like the auto-correct of filters. Here’s why? It defines the image, neutralizes the colours and works great with photos of your little one indoors.

#9 Moon:  When you want a black and white baby

Here’s another monochrome filter we vote for. Moon is awesome simply because it helps achieve the complete vintage look for your baby’s photos. Compared to Willow, it creates more intense shadows, but you get a baby from the days of the black and white reel.

#10 Kevin: When you want a experimental baby

If you really want to get a little more experimental, check out the Kevin filter. It’s a little tricky to use. Not all images look good with this filter, but its still worth it to give it a try. With the yellow tint it adds, your little one’s image will look like it was captured during that perfect moment in the late afternoon.

Which one of these filters do you like best? Comment your thoughts down below!

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Preeti Khicha

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