Influence Asia 2017: Celebrating mummy influencers in Asia

Influence Asia 2017: Celebrating mummy influencers in Asia

Social media influencers, bloggers, key opinion leaders… no matter what they are called, they leave a huge impact on society in their respective industries. mummy influencers can use their power to change lives and help others. And they finally got the recognition they deserve through the Influence Asia awards.

Influence Asia is back in its second installation this year after its inaugural show two years ago. The bi-annual awards aim to celebrate and recognise top players in the digital media space. This year’s award show, organised by Gushcloud, saw about 3000 in the audience, including nominees, influencers, the media and the general public.

TheAsianparent was present at this year’s glamorous black tie awards ceremony, held on April 8 at 3PM, Plenary Hall KLCC. And we got up close and personal with some of the nominated mummy influencers present at the event!

Here’s what they had to say:

Norfasarie, a mummy of three from Singapore with a following of close to 200,000, nominated for Top Parenting Influencer Singapore 2017.

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Norfasarie at Influence Asia 2017

tAp: What is the most challenging thing about being a mum and an influencer at the same time?

When you become an influencer, your life is an open book. Everyone knows about you and they know more about you than you do! You will have to face people being judgemental towards everything you do. But what you see on Instagram is what you get with us. That’s just who we are on normal days, onscreen or off, that’s us just being ourselves.

My kids tell me that people recognise them outside, even without me and they ask if they’re famous. But being approached by people on the streets is something they have gotten used to.
Amber Yong, a mummy of twin girls from Singapore (@leialauren) with about 400k followers on social media, winner of Top Parenting Influencer Singapore award 2017. (Congratulations, Amber!)

influence asia

Amber Yong, winner of Top Parenting Influencer Singapore 2017

tAp: How do you address cyber security concerns as an influencer mum?

Well, I don’t really see it so much as being an Instagram mum. I see it as me just having fun with my kids. There are plenty of other mums out there doing the same thing. But I think an important thing about posting about your children online is that you should not do live reporting.

For me, my posts are always latergrams and I don’t publicise our current location. All the posts are pretty dated, especially when we are overseas.


Shaine, a mummy of two toddlers from Malaysia with a fanbase of over 1 million across social media platforms, nominated under the Top Parenting Influencer Malaysia category 2017.

influence asia

Shaine and her family at Influence Asia 2017

tAp:  How do you hope to inspire all the mums out there as an influencer?

I hope to inspire all mums out there that it is totally possible to be a working mum and be able to take care of your kids. All we want to do as mums (and dads) is to create the best possible childhood we can for our kids and I think every mum out there can achieve it.

Adinda Maheswari, Indonesian mummy to social media mini-celebrity Ayasha Putri and her little sister Zevanna Zehra, who’s grown her two daughters pages to reach almost 500k followers, nominated for Top Parenting Influencer Indonesia 2017.

influence asia

Adinda with daughters Ayasha and Zevanna at Influence Asia 2017

tAp: What is your favourite thing about being a mum?

One of my favourite things about being a mum is that, even though I am so tired, as soon as I see them, it makes me so happy. This happens over and over and over again. There isn’t a single minute that I don’t feel happy when I am with them. Nothing can replace that feeling. It can be challenging to still set aside time for Instagram and updating the different accounts since I am the only one taking care of the kids, but I will still try my best.


Minh Ha, a dedicated mummy of four from Vietnam with almost 6 million fans, nominated for Top Parenting Influencer Vietnam 2017.

influence asia

Minh Ha and her family at Influence Asia 2017

tAp: How do you hope to influence mums with your wide following?

I want to influence mums out there to continue to keep fit even after having kids. I have had four kids. I know that being a mum alone is tiring enough and taking care of your kids consumes a lot of energy already, but you should also remember to take good care of yourself, your body and your health, so that you can be in great condition for your kids too!


Andi Manzano, a budding entrepreneur and mummy to baby Olivia, with almost 3 million fans on social media, winner of Top Parenting Influencer Philippines award 2017.

influence asia

Andi Manzano, winner of Top Parenting Influencer Philippines 2017

tAp: Congratulations on your win! How does it feel to have won and what is next for you?

GP Reyes (Andi’s husband) responds on his wife behalf: Andi is completely the best mum in the world and she totally deserves this award. From the beginning to now, she has been the one nurturing Olivia as a full-time mum. Some people see full-time mums as something to look down on, but they have the hardest job in the world. She quit her job as a radio host to care for our daughter and I am so proud of her. Right now, she is in the midst of setting up a business and getting back into the swing of things.
We’re so inspired by all of these parent influencers and congratulations to all the winners! We can’t wait for the next Influence Asia event.

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Sarah Voon

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