Infant dies after being left to play with a charging smartphone

Infant dies after being left to play with a charging smartphone

In a horrifying accident, a baby girl has died after she was left unattended while playing with a smartphone that was being charged.

An infant's death serves as a reminder for parents to make sure that they keep their children away from sources of electricity.

The baby's mother found their house to be strangely quiet

A mother from Kazakhstan woke up from a nap and was surprised to find that their house was strangely quiet. Thinking the worst, the mother immediately went to her daughter's room to find her baby girl unresponsive and not breathing.

She quickly rushed to wrap her daughter in a blanket and took her to the hospital. All the while, hopeful that her beloved daughter would be saved.

Sadly, it was already too late and the little girl had died from her injuries by the time she was taken to the hospital.

She might have chewed on the cord

According to the doctors, the little girl died from being electrocuted as she had burn marks on her arm and legs. They suspect that while the little girl was playing with the smartphone that was being charged, she might have started chewing on the cord, which led to her tragic death.

One of the nurses who attended to the baby, snapped a photo of her injuries and posted it on social media, saying: "Do not leave your babies unattended with chargers." She adds, "The best thing for your baby’s growing brain is a toy or physical object.”

It's a simple yet very powerful message that urges parents to be more careful about what their children play with. Hopefully, all the parents who learn about her story will be more careful the next time they decide to leave their children unattended.

How can I childproof my home?

For all parents, it's very important to know what steps you can take in order to childproof your home. Childproofing doesn't necessarily mean that you have to do anything drastic, it just means that you have to know the risky places at home and know what you can do to reduce the risk.

Here are a few steps that you can take:

1. Know where the places for high risk are 

Did you know that the bathroom and the kitchen are the top 2 places where your child can get hurt? Keep your kids away from the kitchen, especially if you're cooking. In the bathroom, make sure that you're always with your kids so that they won't accidentally touch any harmful cleaning chemicals, and you can also make sure that they don't accidentally slip in the bathroom.

2. Always keep an eye on your baby

This by far is the number one thing that you can do to keep your child safe at home. It's true that it's difficult to always be with your child 24/7, but knowing where they are at all times, and always keeping yourself within reach would make sure that they're always safe.

3. Make sure that they can't reach anything that can hurt them

Keep any harmful chemicals away from the reach of your children. If you have any large porcelain vases or anything breakable, make sure that your child can't reach them. You can also use gates to keep away your kids from dangerous places such as stairs.

4. Keep your children away from electrical devices and electrical cords

Kids and electrical devices don't really mix. Make sure to keep any plugs away from your children. If possible, use plug covers so that they won't accidentally poke the plugs in your home. Also, keep any charging phones well away from your baby. And never give them a cell phone to play with as a toy as they might break it and hurt themselves on the broken parts.

5. Know how to do basic first aid

As much as we do try to protect our kids, in some cases, they can get injured. That's why it's important to know at least the most basic first aid tips. Also, have a first aid kit ready at home so that you're always prepared in case of any emergency. You should also have emergency services on speed dial should anything go wrong at home.


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