Shocking! Domestic maid forced to sleep outside with dog, dies

Shocking! Domestic maid forced to sleep outside with dog, dies

A horrific case of torture and abuse has come to light...

An Indonesian maid dies after allegedly being forced to sleep outside her employer’s house with their pet rottweiler for over a month. The incident took place in Penang, where Adelina, 20, was reportedly being abused by her employers.

The shocking story made global headlines when Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim’s office was given a tip by the public. They then contacted migrant rights group Tenaganita for help.

Sim’s office immediately informed the police and lodged an official complaint against the employers.

Indonesian maid dies after a month of alleged torture by employers 

Responding to the request, the police rushed the 20-year-old Indonesian maid to the Bukit Mertajam Hospital.

However, a day later Adelina died. 

Speaking to Malay Mail about the incident, Tenaganita volunteer Sally Alexander said, “There is going to be a post mortem. We’ll determine the cause of death.” 

“She was very fearful to say what had happened to her. We were hoping that in time, she would be able to open up. But she was very scared and very fearful and very reluctant to talk,” she added. 

What the DAP officials saw at the employer’s house was shocking…

TheDemocratic Action Party (DAP) MP’s officials reveal that when they received the tip from locals, they rushed to check in with the girl. Upon arrival at the house located in Medan Kota Permai 2, they saw something that shocked them.

Adelina reportedly had wounds on her arms and legs as well as several bruises on her face. 

When Sim’s office questioned the employers, they informed them that Adelina defecated in their kitchen’s drainage. This led to a blockage and so they asked her to use a chemical to clear it.

However, she accidentally poured it over herself and bruised her body.  

indonesian maid dies

Indonesian maid dies: Adelina was covered in bruises when Sim’s officials found her. | Image courtesy: YouTube screengrab

“The maid accidentally spilled the chemical on her own legs and arms, and caused chemical burn. The employer’s daughter said that they bought iodine and medicine for the maid to apply on her wound. She also claimed that the maid did not stop agitating her wound and caused the wound to worsen,” Sim’s office said in an official statement. 

They also added that Adelina said that she had been sleeping outside for almost a month. But the neighbours reveal otherwise. They shared that they saw her sleeping out for more than a month. 

Incidentally, Adelina had been working with her employers since 2015. 

Basic investigations have led to the detainment of the employers – a 36-year-old woman and her 39-year-old brother. But both have vehemently denied any maltreatment. 

Employers deny maltreatment of their Indonesian maid 

“She reiterated that they did not mistreat the maid, but she admitted that she had previously slapped the maid at least once or twice,” Sim’s office told the media. 

While the siblings are in custody, further investigations will reveal more details about the brutality.

Helplines to rescue mistreated maids in Singapore

Once again, this incident has brought the age-long debate of maid maltreatment back to the table.

If you spot any such atrocity in your neighbourhood, you must inform the local authorities. There are several helplines that can come to their aid and rescue.  

These helplines include:

Your maid has rights!

Employers must remember that maids and migrant workers have human rights. We must be be mindful of how we treat them, especially if there are children around. 

As an employer, you must ensure that your help is well-rested and well-fed. She also must have some space in the house for herself. These are basic human rights.

If you have reservations about anything, make sure to set the rules straight at the beginning of their employment. This will avoid any miscommunication in the future. 

Sources: NST, Malay Mail  

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(Featured image – Screengrab/ CCTV China)

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