Incredibly peaceful birth video goes absolutely viral

Incredibly peaceful birth video goes absolutely viral

This could possibly be the most peaceful, flawless birth ever captured on video. See for yourself and watch the video here!

Childbirth is an amazing thing. Moms of any age can attest to that statement. Another thing that they can agree on is that while you can plan all you want on the days and months leading up to your delivery date, things don't always go as planned.

Ideally, most moms want their birth to go unflawed, safe, and worry-free and effortless as possible; that's not how it always turns out for most moms.

For one mother, Audra, the dream of a calm, relaxed, and healthy birth wasn't just wishful thinking. In fact, that's exactly how her second home birth went down!

Back on Sept. 3, midwife Lisa Marie Sanchez Oxenham shared an incredible video post on her Facebook account. Though only about a minute in length, the video shows a mom delivering her baby in a birthing tub alongside her partner in stunning fashion. Most surprising about the video is the fact that Audra is uncharacteristically at ease as she births her second child.

In the caption of the viral video seen above, Oxenham writes the following:

“My client Audra’s beautiful second home birth. A midwife’s role is fluid, providing whatever is necessary for each individual birthing experience, although almost always that role is simply to offer the gift of quiet.”

Since being shared across social media, the video has received over 16,000,000 views and nearly 110,000 shares! Not to mention the countless comments from supporters and captivated spectators worldwide.

The remarkable video has proven that childbirth, while unexpected and scary to some, can be conquered with the bravery and level-headedness all mothers are capable of displaying. Audra's birth video just shows how possible it is to have the birth that all mothers dream of.

We wish the best to this courageous mother, her beautiful newborn, and the rest of her family!

This story was originally covered by The Stir


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