Imagination comes to life in Singapore’s first digital creative future space

Imagination comes to life in Singapore’s first digital creative future space

This edutainment facility will showcase state-of-the-art multimedia technology to allow guests to create imaginary worlds of their own

We all know how imaginative children are. Sometimes, it's simply not enough to just let them create a world of their own using stationery or with cardboard boxes.

That's where MOSH! comes in. Director of Creative Future Park, Ms Hitomi Kumuro, shares that the idea is created from the belief that imagination fuels innovation, and she believes that through this new creative future space, children, and even adults, will gain confidence in their own creativity, and they'd be able to share this creativity with others in a fun-loving environment.

The digital media playground will showcase an exciting line-up of five installations from three partners. Each technological masterpiece employs advanced gesture recognition and motion design, coupled with multi-touch detection and projection mapping capabilities to create an immersive virtual experience which is real-time, responsive and reactive.

Ms Hitomi added that their immersive creative space will enable everyone to appreciate each other's creativity and imagination in the same environment, and encourages an understanding of how our individual choices and actions, expressed through a visible form, can affect and cause changes in others.

Land: MOSH!cot Hide and-Seek

singapore's first digital creative space

A multi-touch detection display containing a myriad of characters that will interact with any object you place on the surface – that includes your hand as well! Have a game of hide-and-seek with the shyest digital friends you’ll ever meet.

Air: Paper Plane Adventure

singapore's first digital creative space

Fold and launch paper airplanes at our multi-touch detection screen and see them transform into a unique aircraft depending on the distance travelled and the force of contact. From a propeller plane to a jumbo jet, each aircraft takes visitors on a journey through different dreamscapes such as primeval jungles and canyon caves.

Sea: Doodle Aquarium

singapore's first digital creative space

Breathe life into any hand-drawn aquatic creatures of your wildest imagination. Watch them leave the paper and come alive, interacting and making friends with other sea creatures in our larger-than-life digital aquarium!

Space: Fireworks Party

singapore's first digital creative space

Immerse yourself in space and raise and control fireworks with your body movements. Travel across the world and orchestrate a light symphony with fellow visitors in the dark skies. Bring your creativity to our dance floor where every step leaves a trail of stardust and every movement generates an impressive visual of fireworks!

Fantasy: World of Wonder Paper App

singapore's first digital creative space

Show us what your very own MOSH!cot would look like in the fantasy world of wonder! Colour your very own MOSH!cot and introduce them to the rest of the royal MOSH!family.

The creative future space will be the latest addition to Sentosa’s wide array of world-class entertainment offerings.

MOSH! will open its doors on 6th February 2016, and will run from 10am to 9pm.
31 Beach View #03-01
Palawan Kidz City

Admission is priced at $28 for adults, and $22 for children (with free admission for children below 2-years-old). A family package of $48 is inclusive of one child and one adult.

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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