Amazing! Identical twins born apart

Amazing! Identical twins born apart

Identical twins but born weeks or even months apart? Not that impossible. Read about one pair of such miracle twins Link and Logan Gorveatt who were born premature weeks apart.

Logan and Link Gorveatt are identical twins with vastly different birthdays. Link Gorveatt was born on 29 September 2015 while Logan Gorveatt was recently delivered via c-section on 18 October 2015, a whole 3 weeks later.

The unfortunate occurence of “twin-twin transfusion syndrome",  during Holli's pregnancy necessitated a surgery in the womb. The surgery separated the blood vessels of the placenta that the twins were sharing so that both twins could have an equal share of the nutrients essential for their development.

Without the surgery, it was likely that both twins would have suffered - one from a lack of nutrients, becoming underdeveloped and anemic and the other from an excess of blood, becoming prone to heart failure.

However, shortly after the surgery, Holli went into labour - at just 23 weeks. Baby Link weighed in at a heart-breaking one pound, two ounces (approximately 500g) at birth but miraculously survived and is now in the intensive care unit of  Evergreen Medical Center.

The surgery to separate the blood vessels was indeed timely, without which, it was highly probable that both twins would have been prematurely delivered.

Amazingly, doctors managed to keep Brother Logan in the womb, thanks to the procedure called "delayed interval delivery". Holli has described the experience as " be post partum and partum."

Holli was initially set for a normal (as far as normal goes) delivery in January of Baby Logan. The delayed interval delivery procedure was essential to keep Baby Logan alive since, as the weaker twin, he would have had a very low chance of survival outside the womb at such a premature stage.

Things took a twist when due to complications in the womb, the medical team made the difficult call to deliver Baby Logan last Sunday via C-section.

If Logan had been born on the expected date, he would have been approximately 4 months older than his identical twin Link. Currently, miracle Irish identical twins  Amy and Katie Jones-Elliott, have the dubious honour of holding the Guinness record of being born 87 days apart as identical twins.

The Gorveatts have started a GoFundMe page to help defray the medical costs for their amazing babies. We wish the identical twins Link and Logan all the best!

Watch the video below.

Source: Inquisitr

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