Are you ready to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Are you ready to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

Want to know more about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that's taking the Internet by storm? Read all about it right here! And don't forget to check out theAsianparent Thailand team's very own Ice Bucket Challenge video at the end of the article!

Ice Bucket Challenge What is the Ice Bucket Challenge? Image source:

There's no way you could have possibly missed all the talk about the Ice Bucket Challenge when the Internet and various social media channels are aflame with it.

Just about everybody who's a somebody has done the challenge -- from Lady Gaga and Bill Gates, to LeBron James -- as well as millions of lesser known mortals around the world.

Even the President of the United States Barack Obama has been challenged to do it!

Ice Bucket Challenge And here's Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerburg taking an icy shower in the Ice Bucket Challenge! Image source:

But do you know exactly what this challenge is all about?

It's actually for a really good cause: raising awareness about a debilitating disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosisalso known as ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease.

ice bucket challenge The Ice Bucket Challenge in Singapore: Wang Lee Hom, Zhang Ziyi and By2 take up the challenge! Image from

How does the challenge work?

It's pretty simple: you challenge another person to either douse themselves with a bucket of icy water, or donate $100 (or an amount of your choice) to the ALS Association.

If you do go ahead with the ice-water bucketing, you can then go ahead and challenge another. Check out this video below to see how it's done!

The rules

If you take up the challenge, you've got to video record yourself in continuous footage. First, you have to announce that you've accepted the challenge.

Next, record yourself pouring ice into a bucket of water, and finally -- you got it! -- it's time to pour the icy contents of the bucket over your head!

You can then challenge others to do the same. 

Ice Bucket Challenge What a champ! Here's the richest man in the world Bill Gates accepting the Ice Bucket Challenge! Image source:

While you might be wondering if the challenge has actually helped the ALS Association raise money, the answer is: it has. Millions and millions of dollars actually (over $23 million and growing).

And of course, awareness levels about the disorder are growing as well.

Have you got what it takes to accept this challenge?

The staff at Tickled Media certainly have!

Check out theAsianparent Thailand team's very own ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video below!!

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, click here to get directed to the official donation page of the ALS Association.

Have you taken the Ice Bucket Challenge or know anyone who has? Let us know by leaving a comment below!


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