I Can Read® National Debate Challenge 2011

I Can Read® National Debate Challenge 2011

Smile! The innate quick and at times impressive wit found in kids when retorting has been put to good use in the I Can Read® National Debate Challenge. Yishun, Whitesands, Woodlands and King’s Arcade took part. Find out who walked away champions…

I Can Read National Debate Challenge 2011

I Can Read National Debate Challenge 2011

For the benefit of those who are still unaware of the I Can Read® Primary English Programme (PEP), it’s a programme which was introduced as a response to the new Singapore Ministry of Education “STELLAR” syllabus. There is an emphasis placed on skills like viewing and representing, critical thinking and oral presentation skills in the new syllabus it was decided that debating would be an effective, engaging and enjoyable way of enabling our students to enhance these skills. This was how the I Can Read® National Debate Challenge came into being.

Grand finals of the I Can Read National Debate Challenge 2011

Grand finals of the I Can Read National Debate Challenge 2011

theAsianparent witnessed first hand on Sunday evening, November 13, 2011, the Grand Final of the I Can Read National Debate that was held at the Braddell Heights Community Club. The cosy mini-theatre was full of positive vibrations and kids (along with their proud parents) buzzing with anticipation. There might have been a tad bit of nervousness in the air but it was hardly detectable amidst the overall lively activity.

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The players and the topic

The chosen topic for debate this year is: ‘Kids learn more in the playground than in the classroom.’ There was a flurry of emotion when the first debate of the evening started. Woodlands (Proposition) debated against Yishun (Opposition), they ended up placing 3rd and 4th respectively.

The moment arrived when the hall stood still and ready for the Grand Final where Whitesands (Proposition) went against King’s Arcade (Opposition). It was very well executed and the audience were amazed at the level of preparedness and confidence the students displayed in their extremely poised debate.

It was the final speaker from King’s Arcade who literally stole the show that evening. He convincingly concluded with: “I’d rather have kids learning in a classroom context than having them acting like monkeys, swinging on bars.”

At the end, it did not really come as a complete surprise when the winner was announced. The standard of debating had improved significantly in the past three months leading up to the Grand Final as agreed by the panel of judges.

The unmistakable winner for the I Can Read National Debate Challenge 2011 is King’s Arcade. It was a royal win indeed. Congratulations to all the participating teams and their unfaltering hard work and perhaps even sleepless nights. It was quite a show to watch. We will just have to hold our breath till the next one.

Recap of the results:

King’s Arcade




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