Husband eats his wife's placenta, says "It's definitely better cooked"

Husband eats his wife's placenta, says "It's definitely better cooked"

He said that their child, Lachlan, would be their last child, and said that "It was now or never" when it came to trying his wife's placenta.

We know the incredibly important role of the placenta during pregnancy. But some say that to eat placenta raw after birth imparts strength and good health. One dad decided to try this out. But rather than eat placenta raw, he thought of cooking it first!

Eat placenta raw: “It was now or never”

Rossco Watson, who is 32 years old and a father of two, shared a video of himself eating his wife’s placenta. He said that their child, Lachlan, would be their last child, and said that “It was now or never” when it came to trying his wife’s placenta.

He shares on the video, “So I ate my wife’s placenta and it was actually pretty damn good. PS – vegans, veggies and feminists if your (sic) offended GOOD!”

Before eating his wife’s placenta, he said “As you know, or some people might be aware, I’ve already said I’m going to eat my wife’s placenta. I don’t think anybody’s done this for a long, long time—certainly no husbands have done it.”

eat placenta raw

Would you eat placenta raw? Image: File photo

Would you eat placenta raw? “It’s definitely better cooked” said this dad!

Watson prepared a meal with his wife’s placenta, he seasoned it with salt, pepper, brown sauce, and a side of toast and beans, similar to a classic English breakfast.

Before cooking the placenta, he decided first to try and eat placenta raw. He took a bite, and then ate a side of beans. He then said, “Yeah, it’s definitely better cooked.”

He then proceeds to cook the placenta and said that it’s much better when its cooked. He even mentions that “it took nine months to cook.”

In an interview with a popular daily, he shared that his wife’s reaction was “disgusted but not surprised as it’s me. I have form for crazy things.” Though, he later admits in the comments on his Facebook post that he only took a bite of the cooked placenta and then fed the rest of it to his chickens.

Mixed reactions 

The reactions from the people who saw the video were very mixed. Some thought that it was a brilliant idea, while others thought that it was pretty gross.

One commenter, named Victoria Clark, said: “Good on ye Ros – that is incredibly nutritous (sic). I was sorry I didn’t get my placenta after Callum was born!”

Another one exclaimed, “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

Watson adds that the placenta didn’t really taste like anything.

“Should I eat placenta raw?”

Nowadays, eating your placenta is becoming more and more common among mothers who swear by the benefits that it has. Some mothers claim that it boosts their energy and it can even prevent depression. Usually however, they use pills that have their dried placenta inside.

The placenta is indeed very good for your baby, it provides all of the nutrition that your baby needs, including vitamins, minerals, and oxygen that helps them grow and develop. The placenta also has iron, vitamin B6 and B12, and also estrogen and progesterone, which are very important hormones after childbirth. So in theory it does seem like a good idea right?

Not necessarily. There’s actually very little evidence that supports the benefits of eating your placenta. Some studies have shown that there might possibly be a link between milk supply and eating your placenta, but they haven’t concluded anything yet. Most medical experts would actually agree that there’s no sufficient reason to justify eating your placenta.

Should you decide to eat your placenta however, make sure that it complies with the hospital’s safety standards, as some hospitals won’t allow you to take your placenta home. Additionally, you need to keep it refrigerated at all times to make sure that it doesn’t spoil. Treat it just like any other ‘meat’.

WATCH: How to cook placenta

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