Husband discovers photo of his late wife wearing the wedding dress he never saw

Husband discovers photo of his late wife wearing the wedding dress he never saw

His wife passed away soon after their civil wedding, and he never got a chance to see her in her wedding dress, until she found her photo.

John Polo shared the following photo of his wife modeling the dress that she was supposed to wear to their wedding. A wedding that sadly, never came to be.

"I have so many regrets."

In an emotional Facebook post, John writes about his late wife Michelle, "We were married at the courthouse a few days before her first surgery was scheduled to take place. We rushed there, to become man and wife, not knowing if she would make it out of the surgery alive."

Sadly, Michelle's cancer returned, and she was diagnosed as terminal. That's when the both of them decided to plan a real wedding. Sadly, Michelle died 2 weeks before their wedding day.

"I have so many regrets. Not getting to see her walk down the aisle is atop that list. But, she got that dress. Her dream dress. She loved that dress SO much," John writes.

"Michelle died without me ever seeing her in that dream dress. A week after she passed away, I stumbled across this picture in her phone. I lay motionless in bed, both happy and devastated. Tears flowing down my cheeks as I laughed aloud at the memory of how giddy it made her. My bride. In her dress," he adds.

Better, not bitter

To cope with the loss of his beloved wife, John started a blog called There he shared the story of how they met and fell in love back in high school, but they eventually lost touch with each other.

A few years on, they reconnected after being apart for eight years, and John and Michelle started to plan the rest of their lives together. Sadly, 2 years after they reunited, Michelle was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive form of cancer.

The cancer was so rare, there was only one case of that specific type of cancer that happens each year.

Regardless, John feels that he became a better man because of what happened. Instead of looking back with sadness, he tries to remember all of the good times that they had, and the immense love that they had for each other, even when he was taking care of Michelle.

He shares, "She showed me what it meant to have true character and class, and to not let your sorrows get the best of you. She showed me what it meant to truly be a great, unselfish parent."

"I want to live a long life,” Polo concludes his Facebook post. “I want to remarry and have grandkids. I want to write and teach. I want to spread my message to the world. I want to tell them everything I have learned about love, loss, grief and healing. But when it is my time, I am running up there. No – I am sprinting up there! To see her."

And that is just a beautiful message about a man who truly loves his wife.


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