7 hurtful lines my wife has said to me

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As a husband, my wife has said some things which have really cut deep. Most of it is unintentional, because she doesn't understand how much her words matter to me. Here is a list of 7 hurtful lines you should avoid speaking to your husband, no matter how angry you are - you might not think it is verbal abuse, but it is.

I’ve been married for over 10 years now. I love my wife more than life itself. But being married for so long also means I’ve seen her at her ugliest and most hurtful.

Men hurt too. We just try not to make a big deal out of it because we have been conditioned to think that it’s just not manly. Especially painful were the bruising lines she would spit out in her rage. Physical abuse is a big issue, and rightly so. But no one really talks about emotional or verbal abuse, and that’s a more subtle and sometimes more deadly weapon women love to wield, often without even realising it.

I’m grateful our marriage is strong enough to have weathered those conflicts, but not allure. The best way to prevent your marriage from simply getting worn down over time by pent up frustration and resentment is to recognise what really gets to us and stop yourself before you utter these hurtful lines. Because, yes, it stings more than a little.

1. Your mum is a <insert choice insult here>!

I have never met a woman who unreservedly loves her mother-in-law. Every woman has been there at some point. We men get it, trust me. The tension is usually so thick, we could cut it with a butter knife. But before he met you, this woman was the love of his life. Like you will do for your children, she selflessly provided him with love and care.

If you were anyone else, you would probably be inviting a lot of trouble for saying whatever you said about his mum. As his wife, he refrains from responding in a similar manner out of respect for you. That doesn’t mean he’s ok with you saying that about his mum though.

The next time you accuse him of taking sides with his mother against you, remember that perhaps he is just showing respect to the woman who brought him up.

I mean, you would prefer him to join you in hurling insults at his mother instead of defending her? Really?

hurtful things wives say

Your husband might not show it, but this is how small and hurt you can make him feel with your words.

2. You are just like your dad. (Rolls eyes)

This one is a double whammy. Not only do you take a swipe at the father in law, you imply with your body language and tone that we imbibe everything negative we probably grew up disliking about our own dads – and most of the time there are at least a few issues here.

Talk about exploiting daddy issues. Slow down girl. Do you really want to rub salt into the vulnerable spots we trusted enough to reveal to you in happier times?

3. My mum was right about you

In relationships that got off on the wrong foot with the wife’s parents, there is bound to have been some form of derision from the older generation about your choice of spouse. At that point, you probably vigorously defended your man.

But somehow, when you get into an argument with the husband, this light goes off in your head and you recall all the tiniest comments your mum had said. This negativity is then used as ammunition which sometimes even culminates in the conclusion that you should never have married him in the first place.

Comments like these reopen old wounds and are essentially destructive to a harmonious family life, wearing thin even the bonds within the extended family.

So you made a decision X years ago to stick by your man, and we love you for that. The man he was those years ago, is still the man he is right now. If you stuck by him then, no reason why you shouldn’t anymore.

What others things might you be saying that is seriously jeopardising your marriage? Read on to find out.

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