7 things that mums should be looking for in diapers for toddlers

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Learn about choosing the ideal diaper for your active baby

Huggies® Ultra Pants.

Hello, sunshine!

Cheeky grins. Big hugs and sloppy kisses. Wobbly first steps and attempted jumps, skips and hops. Mums of active babies – does this sound familiar to you?

During the transition from helpless newborn to endearing toddler, you’ve probably noticed an immense increase in your child’s mobility and need for independence.

Of course, as a mum who wants only the best for her child, you want to nurture and encourage that spirit as much as possible.  You know that by doing so, you are also teaching your child to be more curious, confident, and self-reliant.

Huggies® Ultra Pants

As your baby grows older, he will become more and more active

A child’s boundless energy and quest for independence go hand-in-hand: the ability to move around means children also have the ability to do more things by themselves.

However, sometimes, certain things can hinder a baby’s new-found autonomy, such as a bulky, leaky diaper. This is where diapers like the new Huggies® Ultra Pants can really come in handy.

Huggies® has studied over 1,000 Asian babies to bring you Huggies® Ultra Pants – diapers that allow better baby movement. Here are some of the features that mums of active little ones will love about these new state-of-the-art disposable diapers.

Just like real underwear

If you are a mum of a toddler and an older child, you’d probably know that the little one loves to imitate everything his or her older sibling does – including wearing underwear! And of course, if your youngest isn’t potty-trained yet, wearing real underwear is undoubtedly going to be very, very messy!

This is just one of the great features of Huggies® Ultra Pants – it is slim and flexible just like real underwear; it also fits discreetly under your little one’s clothes.

Huggies® Ultra Pants

Huggies® Ultra Pants for active little ones

Bye-bye, leaks!

Thanks to its new slim absorbent core technology, Huggies® Ultra Pants have special leakage protection bands that provide a comfortable fit while ensuring that wetness is locked away, which will be much welcomed by your active baby.

Easy for baby, easy for mummy

Once your baby becomes more active, changing diapers that fasten at the sides can become very difficult. Why? Because he just won’t keep still during changing time!

Huggies® Ultra Pants are heaven-sent to parents then. It is a breeze to use as they wear like pants but remove like diapers; the sides open easily with refastenable Magic Tapes.

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