Huggies Platinum Pants: Read A Real Mother's Review

Huggies Platinum Pants: Read A Real Mother's Review

An expert I'm not, but I do know which is the best diaper for my child

It just hit me that I’ve been diapering non-stop for the past five and a half years. Well, I guess that’s what you get from having three kids in succession. So, if you were to ask me for my opinions on diapers, you bet I would have a LOT to say. Here I am sharing my experience as a current Huggies user, and as you read on, you will also get to know why I decided to move from tape diapers to Huggies Platinum Pants.

So, what do I have to say about my current favourite? Read on…

We've been using Huggies Platinum diapers for a while now. It all started one day when we were out and I had forgotten to pack a diaper for Will, my son. Murphy’s law would have it that when you don’t have something, that’s when you need it the most.

An untimely poop later, I went scrambling to Cold Storage at the mall (thank God we were in a mall!) and since they didn’t have my regular brand, I grabbed a bag of Huggies Platinum diapers.

After a 7-hours-long outing, a baby normally needs a change or two. I was pleasantly surprised to find that while the diaper was feeling rather heavy (lots of pee), it didn’t leak. So, I let Will wear his new Huggies Platinum Diapers to bed that night. The next morning, he slept in longer than usual and when I checked his diaper, it actually felt dry. Amazing!

It’s not because he didn’t pee, he had a full 240ml bottle of milk before going to bed. It’s because Huggies Platinum Diapers is that absorbent. And that was when I become a Huggies convert.

My thoughts on switching to Huggies Platinum Pants

Huggies Platinum Pants

Something I should have done muuuuuch sooner!

Have you ever tried changing diaper for a squirming baby who runs away before you’re done? Not fun.

Changing Will’s Huggies Platinum Pants is much easier now. This boy is super active and really doesn’t stop for anything, except food. He would sit still for food. Just like his mum, hahaha. But I digress.

He hated it when I had to pin him down on a changing mat in order to change him. With Huggies Platinum Pants, I no longer have to do that. I could change him upright, whenever, wherever!

I find that it has the same great absorbency for better comfort for babies and toddlers. It spreads urine evenly into the Soft Slim Absorbent Core which locks wetness away without the bulk.

Some of the other brands I’ve used tend to gather the wetness at one spot, usually the front of the diaper where the urine flows to. As a result, we would have to change the diaper after only a few hours because even though the back is completely dry, the front is already full and bulky.

With Huggies Platinum Pants, I keep checking Will’s diaper and nope, he doesn’t need a change yet. Huggies Platinum Pants has a wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue when baby pees (so you’d know it may be time for a change), but honestly, I don’t change Will immediately because I know the diaper can go the distance. It really can trap a lot of urine!

Huggies Platinum Pants

Huggies Platinum Pants’ fast absorbency means Will’s skin stays dry throughout the day and night. I’m proud to report that Will never had any diaper rash since birth and it seems that I don’t need to ever worry about that with Huggies Platinum Pants.

My previous experience with diaper pants has been that they tend to slide down Georgia‘s (my second child) legs when she runs. I mean that was pretty much all the time because that is literally all a toddler does, right?

That problem is now solved with Huggies Platinum Pants’ unique adjustable side tapes. I could adjust it to fit Will’s waist and thighs snugly and comfortably, just like a tape diaper when necessary.

Huggies Platinum Pants

As you could imagine, a snug fit provides better leakage protection. I think this exclusive feature to Huggies Platinum Pants is awesome, considering babies come in all shapes and sizes. If it stays put on Will who is constantly running and climbing and jumping, it will stay put on yours too, I promise.

He seems happier running around the house in those super cute underwear-like diapers too. Even my sister who came to visit us commented on how good his diaper looked.

You get two adorable explorer pirate designs in one bag of Huggies Platinum Pants, which means no need for pants at home! One less item for my ever-growing mountain of laundry, yay!

I actually feel quite dumb for not getting the Huggies Platinum Pants for Will sooner.

Huggies Platinum Pants

When my baby is happy, I’m happy. Isn’t that all that matters to us mums?

If you haven’t tried Huggies Platinum Pants before, you can get free samples at and see for yourself. Signing up as a member of Huggies Club also entitles you to member-only privileges and exclusive promotions!



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Michelle Hon

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