Singapore Man’s Genitals Disfigured for Cheating

Singapore Man’s Genitals Disfigured for Cheating

Most would agree that cheating spouses deserve to be punished. This man had a double dose! He was stabbed by his wife and also splashed with acid from “the other woman’s” hubby.

What would you do if you found out your husband was cheating on you? Some would want a divorce immediately, others might forgive and yet others may go the extreme and slice off their hubby’s manhood.

In this case the 38-year-old wife, Quek Chin Fern who is without a job, stabbed her husband, Lim Peng Kiang, while he was at the hospital.

The high price for cheating

forgiving a cheating partner

This case is rather convoluted, so try to keep up. Mr Lim, 40, was at Singapore General Hospital because he was nursing acid burns when three men attacked him and splashed acid on him.

An argument sparked between Lim and Quek at the hospital– perhaps triggered by the reasons for the acid attack—infidelity. Quek took out a knife she had in her bag and stabbed him repeatedly on his cheek, neck and shoulder. Security came in to stop the stabbing. She was arrested and fined $4,000.

The wife, a mother of two, was confirmed by a doctor at the Institute of Mental Health to be suffering from depression for over a decade.

The exposed affair

Singapore Man’s Genitals Disfigured for Cheating

There were earlier reports that Lim had caused a scene at his alleged girlfriend’s house. Apparently, he accuses his girlfriend’s husband of hiring people to do a number on him, which included a beating and splashing acid on his genitals. All in the name of punishment or perhaps even revenge.

The scene escalated when Lim demanded the presence/audience of the girlfriend’s hubby. According to reports Lim had unzipped and taken his pants off to reveal his adult diaper. As if that wasn’t impactful enough, Lim proceeded to show his wounded genitals to prove a point.

Reports also revealed that the girlfriend’s two kids were present and witnessed the entire commotion. They screamed when Lim dropped his pants.

Is your hubby cheating on you?

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There are always signs. You just have to keep a close watch and sometimes it’s not as blatant as a lipstick mark on the collar. Click here for a full article on how to catch a spouse who is doing the hanky panky behind your back.


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