Want to create precious moments with your loved ones this Lunar New Year? Read this.

Want to create precious moments with your loved ones this Lunar New Year? Read this.

Find out how you can create precious moments to share with your loved ones, and enjoy an irresistible range of S$1 offers with HSBC's Dollar Pass.

HSBC’s Dollar Pass

Families are brought even closer together during Lunar New Year.

Lunar New Year is a time of the year when the word ‘family’ becomes even more meaningful than it usually is. It’s when families get together and spend time together with loved ones.

It’s when we enjoy making our homes look beautiful, buying new clothes and meeting up with friends and relatives over a delicious meal. It is also a time when parents and grandparents look forward to spending time with the little ones.

In essence, Lunar New Year is all about sharing meaningful moments with our loved ones — now made even more enjoyable with HSBC’s Dollar Pass.

HSBC’s Dollar Pass

Lunar New Year is extra special when it comes to spending time with loved ones.

How does HSBC’s Dollar Pass work?

If you own a HSBC credit card, then it’s highly likely you’ll be using it to purchase new items for your home and buy new clothes for your family this Lunar New Year.

Then you’ll be thrilled to know that from now to 31 March 2015, every time you charge a minimum of S$60 in a single transaction to your HSBC Credit Card, you will be rewarded with one of the many incredible offers that your whole family can enjoy at only S$1 each!

HSBC's dollar pass

Enjoy value like never before with HSBC’s Dollar Pass.

Here’s how it goes:

Every transaction with a minimum of S$60 charged to your HSBC credit card entitles you to redeem a HSBC’s Dollar Pass with which you can use to redeem S$1 offers at over 300 merchant outlets.

Here are some of the incredible S$1 deals you can get:

  • A 30-minute foot reflexology worth S$69.55 at Adeva Spa.
  • A S$10 BEST Denki voucher redeemable at S$2 with 2 HSBC’s Dollar Passes.
  • A Flamin’ Hot Deals meal worth up to S$4.50 at Burger King.
  • A bag of Famous Amos cookies (100g) worth S$5.20.
  • A glass of housepour worth S$5.90 at FIVE Viet Bistro Bar @ Maxwell Chambers.
  • A regular popcorn combo which includes a 64oz Sweet Popcorn and a 22oz Coca-Cola worth S$8.50 at all Golden Village cinemas.
  • A S$5 Isetan voucher.
  • Two assorted Kripsy Kreme doughnuts worth S$5.90.
  • A breakfast set which includes a French pastry with Common Man Roasters Coffee or Batjemon & Barton Tea worth S$14 at Sofitel So Singapore.
  • A tall-sized Starbucks beverage worth up to S$7.30.
  • A S$5 Subway® Gift Card.
  • S$5 worth of purchase for dine-in or takeaway at Swensen’s.
  • A 30-minute full back massage worth S$96.30 at The Ultimate.
  • A S$5 Toys ‘R’ Us Gift Card.
  • Two Everyday Flavour cupcakes worth S$6.40 at Twelve Cupcakes.
  • S$5 worth of purchases from Watsons.

For more information on these amazing S$1 offers please go to www.hsbc.com.sg/dollar now!

HSBC’s Dollar Pass

HSBC’s Dollar Pass is bound to make this Lunar New year even more memorable and full of good luck!

To enjoy these amazing offers, you just need to follow these 3 simple steps:




Here’s what some very satisfied HSBC cardholders have to say about HSBC’s Dollar Pass:

“The more I charge, the more value I get…”

The HSBC’s Dollar Pass is a wonderful promotion for avid shoppers like me. The more I charge, the more value I get. Every time I spend a minimum of S$60 in a single transaction on my HSBC credit card, I’ll head to an AXS station to instantly redeem and print my Dollar Pass(es). For example, I paid S$300 for my son’s enrichment class yesterday and redeemed 5 Dollar Passes** at AXS today. I’ll be accumulating these Passes to do my Chinese New Year shopping at Isetan — just pay S$1 for a S$5 Isetan voucher! This is one of the best rewards during this CNY season. — Veronica Neo, 8 years HSBC credit card user

“Very good value…”

The HSBC’s Dollar Pass programme really offers very good value. I paid only S$1 for S$5 worth of purchases at Watsons, and S$1 for a regular popcorn combo at any GV cinema! All I need to do is charge minimum S$60 in a single transaction, go to any AXS station to redeem and print my HSBC’s Dollar Pass(es) within 3 days and I can immediately start enjoying any S$1 offer I want. — Yuan Shing, 2.5 years HSBC credit card user

HSBC’s Dollar Pass

Surprise a loved one with a gift to cherish with HSBC’s Dollar Pass.

“Easy, convenient and rewarding…”

The HSBC’s Dollar Pass Programme is an easy, convenient and rewarding offer for HSBC credit cardholders. I get to redeem a Dollar Pass with every S$60 I charge in a single transaction, on almost anything, everywhere except online shopping, overseas purchases and EZ-link top-ups. What’s more, redemption is available 24/7 at any AXS station island-wide and I get to print the Passes instantly! The best thing is I can enjoy superb offers at only S$1 including any Starbucks tall-sized drink, S$5 Isetan voucher and so many more. HSBC has made it happen: Charge, Redeem and Enjoy! — PeiLing Quah, 1.5 years HSBC credit card user

“My kids love it too!”

I have been redeeming for Dollar Passes since the programme first launched in August. I’ m elated it’s now back with newly added merchants like Toys ‘R’ Us and Twelve Cupcakes! I only need to pay S$1 for a S$5 Toys ‘R’ Us Gift Card or 2 cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes. My two daughters are enjoying their treats! — Cindy Huang, 2 years HSBC credit card user

“Instant, and of real value…”

Getting the HSBC’s Dollar Pass is super easy. After a day of shopping, I just bring my charge slips to any AXS station to redeem and print out my Pass(es). The best part is that I can use the Pass(es) right away! Just yesterday, I redeemed two Dollar Passes and immediately used them to buy two tall-sized drinks at Starbucks for my mum and myself. This is one of the best rewards I get from my credit cards – instant, and of real value.  — Neetu, 7 years HSBC credit card user

*Please click on this link for terms and conditions. 

**Please note that each cardholder can redeem only up to 5 passes per transaction date.

For Frequently Asked Questions about HSBC’s Dollar Pass, click here

Have you redeemed your HSBC’s Dollar Pass yet? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below!

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