How to Work and Still Be a Good Mum

How to Work and Still Be a Good Mum

With the economy the way it is, over 85% of families have both spouses working. For working mums, this could be difficult to manage both work and family. Fortunately there are just a few simple things you can do that will help make it easier to be a good mum while still working.

Any parent will know that work-life balance is a juggling act that takes precision. The economy makes it tough for single-income families to get ahead, so many mums have returned back to the workplace. But they still wonder how to work and still be a part of their children's life. It may take some time to get used to it, but there are a few things you can do that will help you balance both of these things.

Work-life balance tips for working mums

How to Work and Still Be a Good Mum

1. Maintain a consistent routine

Keeping the same routine for the morning rituals will help things stay focused and on time. Once everyone gets into the routine of doing things the same way, you will have a few more minutes in the morning to try and catch up on things. A little quick chat over breakfast or a walk to the school bus can keep you up to date on the latest things going on with your kids.

2. Volunteer even if you're a working mother

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On days that you can or when you can plan far enough ahead, you can volunteer at your kid's school to go on field trips or just to help out in the classroom. Many teachers will love to have some help even if it is just for one day. You can really connect with your child during these times and see what they go through at school each day.

3. Working mothers should share responsibilities

Look not only does it take two people working to help maintain a lifestyle you would like to, but also to maintain the house. Get your husband involved with the household chores and bigger kids if you have any. Letting someone else help with doing the dinner dishes will give you some free time to spend with the kids. If finances permit, do hire part-time help, so you can free up a few more precious moments to spend time with your little ones.

4. 'Mummy & Me' date

How to Work and Still Be a Good Mum

Make the most of whatever time you have to spend with your child. Remember that quality is much better than quantity. Make it a point to spend one evening alone with your child (no help, no siblings, no hubby) and spend it doing things that you and your child love to do together. They will remember all the wonderful things you guys did on that monthly date for a long time.

5. Keep things simple

Instead of coming home and working on a big meal, make a simpler meal, or consider getting Tingkat services. This will give you more time to help your kids with homework or just catch up on the latest gossip they have going on. Better yet, get them involved with helping you cook. Many kids love to help cook and do things in the kitchen.

6. Don't sweat it

How to Work and Still Be a Good Mum

Do not let small things get to you. Realise that there are times you are not going to be around and see everything your child does. But you can make the most of the things you are there to see and enjoy. Your child is not going to remember whether or not you have seen their first footsteps, but they will remember you missing their school play. So choose to be there for things they will remember the most.

Being a parent is hard, even for a stay-at-home parent. But things are more difficult for a parent that has to work, especially when it is the mum. Many mums will feel a sense of guilt by not being able to see every moment of their babies' life, but sometimes that is just what happens in life. Working does not make you a bad mum, just make sure to make the most of what time you do have and those are the times your child will remember!

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