How to help your child with homework: Tips for Singapore parents

How to help your child with homework: Tips for Singapore parents

Read on to find tips and resources to help you help your child with homework.

Homework? That's easy.

Help your child with homework by using these tips and resources.

Does your child struggle with doing homework? Does he feel burdened by it?

Do you want to help your child with homework? Remember, there are good reasons behind all the assignments and work that your child needs to do at home!

Teachers assign homework not because they have nothing else to do but because of a variety of reasons, some of which are these: they want your kids to practice what they’ve learned in class, they want parents to be involved in their children’s education and they want students to explore some topics fully because there’s no time in school.

As a teacher, I’ve had my fair share of parents who like to complain about homework. They think that I just want to give them a hard time.

I know that with the responsibilities that most parents have it’s easy to think that way. But believe me when I say that most teachers only have your children’s best interests in mind when they assign homework.

For kids to have a healthy regard for homework, parents have to show their children that they see all homework as important. Here are a few guidelines to help you do this, and, in a way, help you help your child with homework:

1. Look for a place where you and your kids can do homework.

Make sure that it is a place that is free of any distractions so that they can fully concentrate on doing homework. Supplies and other necessary equipment should be found within this place so that no time will be wasted just for finding them.

2. Set a regular schedule for homework.

This is very helpful especially for young children as they are a stickler for schedules.

Choose a time that would really work out for you and your kids. If both parents are working, then it would definitely be after office hours. But if only 1 parent is working, then 1 parent can do homework time right after your children have had their afternoon nap.

3. Always be enthusiastic about your children’s education.

You cannot expect them to be excited about doing school work at home if they see you showing no interest in what they do. Ask them about the things that they do in school and help them enumerate the new things that they learn each day.

4. Try to regularly visit your children’s teacher.

Do this so you will know their progress and the areas in which they need to improve. Attend school activities so your children will see that you are genuinely interested in their education.

Having an interest in your children’s education is important but it is not the only thing that matters. You also need to have access to a wide range of resources that will enable you to effectively and efficiently assist your children when they do their homework.

Below are websites that can help you help your child with homework:

This is a free phonics program that will make reading really fun and easy for your kids.

MES English

Provides free phonics materials for parents.

Sparkle Box

Contains more than a thousand materials that you can use for your preschool and primary kids. It has sections for literacy and numeracy.


This site uses comics to help kids learn English.

Math Homework by Discovery Education

It contains resources that will help kids master the basics of Maths.

Science Homework Help by Discovery Education

Here you will find lots of resources that will help students visualize science concepts that they learn in class.

Science Buddies

Offers free resources for parents that will help them encourage their children to be more interested in Science.


Contains fun and educational games for your toddlers.

Pauly’s Playhouse

Another website that contains fun and educational activities for your kids.

Silly Books

Animated books, songs and activities that will help increase literacy in children ages 8 and up.

Art Attack

This site shows fact sheets of art projects featured in the Art Attack television series.

National Geographic Kids

Contains stories, games, videos and activities that will help your children learn about various topics.

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