3 ways to get your child into football

3 ways to get your child into football

Would you like your child to be the next Fandi Ahmad or Christiana Ronaldo? Find out how you can get your child into football and help them to build a firm foundation in order to be the next sports superstar with these simple tips.

get your child into football Want your little one to be a sports superstar? Check out these 3 simple ways to get your child into football!

Football (or soccer) is arguably the most recognisable sport in Singapore, and to become a footballer is probably a dream of every schoolboy. Discounting the glamour of football, there are many life lessons that a child can learn from participating in football. With all the competition out there, we outline the best ways to get your child into football.

Start early

It’s always good to get them interested in football from an early age, so go out and get that ball when your child turns one. The ball will help them learn important motor skills as well as plant their interest to play football when they are older. As your toddler learns to walk and run, upgrade that ball to a miniature soccer ball that they can kickabout with you in the park.

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Bring them along to games

I remember my father bringing my brother and me to the Malaysia Cup games in the early nineties. The games held at the then National Stadium brought out the national pride in me and cemented the love for football enough that I’ve continued to instil it into my own little one with kickabouts at the park. The electrifying atmosphere and spirit of togetherness taught me the power a football has to bring people together. Thus, if you get the chance, I definitely recommend bringing your child to a local football game or two at the Jalan Besar Stadium. It will definitely help get your child into football.

get your child into football To get your child into football, it's smart to start out by considering some academies to enrol them in for a good foundation!

Enrol in an academy

There are numerous football academies in Singapore that have ties with the big clubs in Europe. Some of these include JSSL-Arsenal, FCBESCOLA (the official FC Barcelona soccer school), as well as local legend Fandi Ahmad’s FAA (Fandi Ahmad Academy). These schools are open to both boys and girls and kids as young as four. Enrolling in a football academy or school is a great way to get your child into football. Furthermore, they are ideal places to meet like-minded individuals with a passion for football and to hone your skills with talented coaches.

There are many other ways to get your child into football and the benefits that come with being part of the beautiful game are endless. From learning to be part of a team, improving social skills, boosting self-esteem to leading a healthy lifestyle, team sports such as football are definitely great for your kids.

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Share with us your experience of getting your child into football! For more on getting your kids involved in football, check out this video of a group of kids training at the Fandi Ahmad Academy.

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