How to get kids to do chores

How to get kids to do chores

As busy parents, you tend to leave household chores to a helper. But letting your kids do chores around the house is great for their development. Here’s how to get kids to help out.

How to get kids to do choresThe key is to give appropriate chores for your kid’s age. Don’t expect a four-year-old to operate the washing machine.


Children at this age like to show off their skills. Take advantage of this enthusiasm by setting them these simple tasks:

Water the plants. Let your child use a small watering can that won’t drown the plants
Make the bed. A preschooler can neatly arrange his or her own bed.
Bring in the post. Ask your child to bring in the daily post and sort through it.


Bigger kids

When your children are at a school going age they will feel more responsible and independent. These chores don’t require much adult supervision. If they do make a mess it’s not too much trouble to tidy up.

Table setting. Let your child arrange the dishes and cutlery. Turn it into a race to make it more fun. See who can set the table the fastest.

Pet feeding. Feeding the family pet turns your kid into a caretaker and teaches them to follow a strict schedule.

Sweeping their room. This task makes kids responsible for keeping their bedroom clean. It’s best to show your child how to use a broom before they begin.


Any thing you can do your teen is capable of doing too. Take your chance to motivate your child an entrust them with bigger responsibilities.

Grocery run. Next time you take your teens to the supermarket send them on a mission to find specific items. Later on, they can go on an errand with a shopping list.

Babysitting (for short periods of time). Older siblings may be ready to look after younger ones when you’re out of the house.

Cooking (in small doses). Your teenager will eventually move out and they can’t survive on eating out all the time. Show them some easy recipes and put your teen in charge of cooking one dish for the family dinner.

Remember that some children may be able to handle more chores, some less. But chores are a good way to instil values in your child. They help foster independence, responsibility and accountability -- qualities that will help your children later in life.


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