Dress Like A Million Dollars On A Budget With These Top Tips

Dress Like A Million Dollars On A Budget With These Top Tips

Don't have a celebrity income but still want to look like you stepped out of a magazine? Check out out tips and tricks to help you dress (and look) like a million dollars!

If you think it’s impossible to dress like a million dollars on a budget then we have good news for you!  Just because you don’t have a millionaire’s wallet doesn’t mean you can’t look like you do, and it is easier than you might think. 

Here are some simple tips that can take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary in just a few steps. Start turning heads wherever you go!

Top tips to look, and dress like a million dollars

dress like a million dollars

Go for alterations!

  1. Find your tailor!

To dress like a million dollars there is nothing more important then having clothes that fit you. In fact looking as though your clothes are tailored for you not only compliments your figure but also makes them look more expensive.

Top Tips: Also don’t be afraid to alter an inexpensive garment.  It is often tempting to forego this, as an alteration can cost just under or the equivalent to the garment itself – but it makes cheap and cheerful look expensive and elegant!

Not sure where to find a tailor? Try Annie Alteration Centre 163 Thomson Road Tel: 6254 7654. 


dress like a million dollars

Sleek and structured! Image source: Charles & Keith, Pinterest and Zalora

2. Buy a classic bag!

This does not need to be a top end designer bag look for good quality leather. Choose a bag that will last you for years so that your money goes further.

Top Tip: Look for a classic structured tote or cross body in good quality leather to take you through multiple occasions.  The combination of the two will make your bag appear more expensive. 

If you have a particular brand in mind check out their sale items or look for options from local artisans. Make sure you find a colour that will go with multiple outfits.

dress like a million dollars

Subtle accents! Image source: Charles and Keith and Pinterest

3. Less is more!

Fast fashion is great, but don’t fall victim to every passing trend, as they won’t all suit you.  Also it is possible to take a trend too far. 

For example, animal prints being back was great, but if you over do it you will look like a fashion victim.  If you want to dress like a million dollars, instead of going all in, choose small accents that speak to the trend but maintain a look that suits you.  

Top Tips: Try a leopard print scarf with solids or go for accents of sequins/beading.  

dress like a million dollars

Perfect points! Image source: Pinterest

4. Pick pointed heels or flats!

Pointed shoes even from budget brands tend to look more expensive.  Look for classic colours and materials that will go with multiple outfits so you always have the right pair of statement shoes for any outfit.

Top Tips: Look for shoes that are comfortable as there is nothing to make an outfit look cheap then not being able to walk properly.


dress like a million dollars

There is no substitution for great grooming! Image source: Pinterest

5. Great grooming!

There is nothing that beats good grooming to make you look stylish.  Find a good hair dresser and keep your hair tidy and up to date.

Also if you don’t have the time or the money to get a mani-pedi, keep them clean and polished yourself.  Have a hands-on lifestyle? Try using bold colour on your toes and more neutral on your finger nails so that chips don’t show as clearly.

Also carry a mini polish of your finger nail colour in your bag so you can top up on the go!

Top tip: Add Sephora’s express nail varnish wipes to you make up bag so you can take off your nail polish anywhere if you get a chip.

Can’t afford a top stylist? Find a good salon and make an appointment with a student or junior stylist to save costs.


dress like a million dollars

Keep your leather luxurious! Image source: Pinterest

6. Care for your leather accessories!

So you have your fabulous structured day bag and some great pointed flats.  To dress like a million dollars you need to keep them looking as good as new, by using a leather protector to protect them from the elements.  Also use a leather conditioner to keep the leather supple. 

Top tip: When you are storing your bags keep them filled with bubble wrap or tissue so they keep their shape and store them in the dust bag.

No matter what your budget or circumstances you can dress like a million dollars by following these simple tips! Looking for more fashion advice? Check out: 9 Mummy fashion bloggers who are total stylespirations

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