How to catch your wife cheating

How to catch your wife cheating

Infidelity isn't just limited to men. Women can cheat at any given time too. Are you suspicious that your wife is being unfaithful to you? Read more on how to catch a cheating wife in the act!

wife cheating

Read more to find out how to catch your wife cheating!

Do you have a nagging suspicion that you are living with a cheating wife? If you don’t know where to begin, we have a guide for you:

Here are some of the most common signs of a cheating wife:

Cheating wife sign 1: Longer hours outside the home
If your wife is working, she might be constantly saying that she has to work late because of a meeting or a deadline. All statements are actually very normal, but the frequency that your wife says it to you in is what holds weight.

Cheating wife sign 2: Sudden privacy
Is your wife extra protective of her cellphone or laptop lately? Does she tend to go out of the room every time her cellphone rings or if she replies to a text message? Her need to suddenly have privacy may suggest that she is having an affair, especially if it is quite unlike her to hide things from you.

Cheating wife sign 3: Change in grooming habits
If you notice your wife putting more time in grooming herself, like wearing make up or styling her hair, even if she is just going grocery shopping or picking up the dry cleaning, you have every right to be suspicious, especially if she isn’t usually like that.

cheating wife

Read more on what actions you should take to catch your wife cheating!

What you can do to catch a cheating wife

Talk to her friends
If your wife is constantly saying that she was with her friends, call one of them up. Be discreet and indirect with your questions. Say something like, ‘I wanted to buy her a gift for our anniversary/Valentines. Do you know what she wants. Have you gone out shopping with her recently? Has she mentioned anything?’

Do not divulge any information regarding your suspicions, because you might be wrong. But if her friend says that she hasn’t seen your wife for days, then you should prepare yourself for some kind of confrontation.

Borrow her cellphone
Ask to borrow your wife’s cellphone and if she declines, ask why. If she says something about privacy, give her your phone to appease her.

If she still declines, you might want to ‘borrow’ it from her when she is taking a shower or a bath. Check messages and recent calls to find anything is unusual. If there are no call records, that’s something to be weary about as most people do not delete off all their call records.

Use modern technology 
While this is definitely not advisable but if you are at your wits end, exploring a spy cam might be something to explore.

Ask her
Don’t ask her if she is cheating on you. Instead, ask her if something is wrong and if there is something that needs to be fixed in your marriage.

This will open up conversation for her to tell you that something is wrong or that she is seeing someone else. If she tells you that everything is okay, let it go. Never confront her until you have enough evidence.

Be unexpected
Make unplanned visits to her office or go home early from work. If she says she is out shopping or eating out with a friend, call her up and ask her where she is because you will be picking her up.

If she refuses and says she can go home on her own, make up some excuse like, ‘I’ll just say Hi to your friends for a bit, then I’ll head home.’

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