Boost your child's imagination skills

Boost your child's imagination skills

Having imagination and creativity are skills that are really important for a child. But as parents, how do we improve our child’s imagination skills? Find out here...

Children have wonderful imaginations and are capable of weaving beautiful, magical stories from scratch, or engaging in stimulating play with an imaginary friend. 

Listening to my 3-year-old daughter tell stories and watching her create different objects from building blocks, I feel so proud of her imagination and creativity.

At the same time, I feel that I need to encourage this so that she continues to use her imagination skills as she grows up.

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Find out how to nurture your child’s imagination

I have come to understand that imagination can contribute to my child’s future. It is through my child’s imagination that she becomes creative and versatile.

In this world where there is a constant demand for new inventions and new discoveries, a creative person can find his or her way to success in any field.

My child’s imagination can help her develop her creativity, focus, attention and visualization, which will all allow her to achieve her goals in life.


By helping your child develop her imagination, you’ll also be encouraging attributes like self-confidence and literacy skills.

Furthermore, imagination can lead her to understand complicated situations, solve problems and become a better thinker. It allows my child to have a sense of control over her life.

Having imagination skills is really important for a child. But as parents, how do we improve our child’s imagination skills? We present you with 5 practical steps to help nurture your child’s imagination and creativity.

1. Read poems and stories to your child

Buy good children’s books that contain the best stories and poems for children and read these out to your child.

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Reading is one of the best ways to help a child’s imagination develop

As your child listens to you and looks at the illustrations in the book, she develops her imagination, creativity and literacy skills. She also becomes interested in reading and in words as she grows older.

2. Engage your child in arts and crafts

Provide age-appropriate art and craft materials such as pencils, pens, papers, crayons, water color, brushes, color pencils, markers, scissors and many more to help your child draw, write and express his or her imagination.

Aside from this, you can introduce your child to origami and paper cutting techniques. Through arts and crafts, children learn that they can create and design something beautiful out of ordinary things.

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Painting is a fun way of encouraging your child’s imagination and creativity

Make sure you appreciate your child’s artwork by displaying it on the wall or in a special place. This will encourage him or her to continue using her creativity and imagination skills.

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3. Provide open-ended and movement-oriented toys

Purchase toys that allow your children to use their cognitive skills. Toys such as building blocks, clay and mud-dough, and musical instruments are some of the best open-ended toys.

Building blocks allow your children to distinguish colours, acquire motor and cognitive skills, improve hand and muscle coordination, and develop creativity.

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Provide open-ended toys that enhance your child’s imagination

Clay and mud-dough aid in applying imagination to form various objects. Musical instruments such as keyboards, drums, tambourines, whistles, maracas, and xylophones will enable your child to create music. Build up your collection while your child is still young.

4. Play challenging games with your kid

As your child grows older, spend some time playing with her using puzzles, boards and strategy games that will challenge your child’s problem-solving skills.

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Board games are a great way for the whole family to bond, while nurturing your child’s imagination and cognitive skills at the same time

Puzzles help your child learn about colours, and to use cognitive and mathematical skills. Board games are ideal for the whole family to interact and have fun while stimulating young minds to concentrate, focus and solve problems.

5. Introduce your child to writing

When your child is of school age, introduce him or her to writing. You can start by showing your child a picture and asking him or her to describe what he or she sees in the picture and what he or she feels upon seeing it.

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Teach your child to write when he is old enough

Encourage him or her to write down his or her thoughts whenever he or she wants to express something. In this way, your child will improve in problem-solving, logical thinking, and creative thinking skills which are required in writing.

This list of enhancing your child’s imagination skills is not all-encompassing. You can add to this as you more ways to bring up an imaginative and creative child.

How do you nurture your child’s imagination? Share your tips with us by leaving a comment.

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Karen Mira

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