This Is How I REALLY Want To Spend Mother's Day This Year!

This Is How I REALLY Want To Spend Mother's Day This Year!

This mummy has a rather unique and very special plan for Mother's Day this year...

We can all agree that motherhood changes our lives forever – both in subtle and obvious ways.  Our needs are often pushed back, and priority is given to our little ones’ requirements – 24/7.

When I became a mum I said “bye” to carefree days of late nights and partying, and “hello” to the world of diapers and milk bottles. My days in their entirety started revolving around my babies and their well-being. Their health, food, and studies dominate my world now – and I am sure the same is true for you. 

And though we are often late to realise this, our own mothers made these same (and more) sacrifices for us. They still do… as we will, too, for as long as we can.

This is why Mother’s Day is so significant. Our mums are among the most cherished people in our lives – if not the most loved and special! After all, we exist because of them. And while every day should see mums celebrated, dedicating one special day for this – Mother’s Day – is an opportunity to honour a mother’s eternal love for her children.

Every year, my kids celebrate Mother’s Day in their own special way. From the little things they do, like saying “I love you, mummy!” more than usual, to “big” things like surprising me with small gifts they bought with their pocket money or proudly presenting me with their own sweet creations.

My wonderful husband also makes me feel extra-special on the day by taking care of the housework and treating me like a queen in general! But this Mother’s Day, I want to do things a little differently. I want to appreciate myself (because we all forget to do this, right?) and the woman who gave birth to me. And so, I have  an elaborate plan that includes my mum and my family, to celebrate Mother’s Day  in a rather unique way.

how i really want to spend mother's day

How I REALLY want to spend Mother’s Day this year is rather special and unique!

Here’s How I Really Want To Spend Mother’s Day: A Very Special Mother’s Day Programme 

1. Breakfast In Bed – Every single day, I wake up before everyone else and make sure those little tummies are filled with a healthy breakfast. So this Mother’s Day, I would sure love to be served breakfast in  bed for a change! Don’t I deserve it?

2. Surprise Gifts – We are women before we became mums… and every woman just loves surprises! These are made even sweeter when they come from the ones we love with all our heart and soul. I’ve already made plans to send my own darling mum a surprise gift, reminding her that she is loved and cherished.

3. No Chores – Okay, I demand this! Shouldn’t it be mandatory that on Mother’s Day, mum just relaxes and does no chores? That means no laundry, no cooking, no cleaning… the list goes on. What do you say, fellow mummies?

4. A Day-Long Picnic at Sentosa – I would love to spend the whole day with mum, hubby and the kids, and enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day picnic at Sentosa (my favourite spot in Singapore!) with them. 

how i really want to spend mother's day

We could take a ride down the beach on a Segway, enjoy the scenic views of Sentosa and Harbourfront from our favorite Singapore Cable Car, take some fun photos with the stars at Madame Tussauds and experience 4-D cinema. I would also love to  take a leisurely walk through the lush Imbiah Trails with my whole family!

how i really want to spend mother's day

5. Ticking Some Items Off My Bucket List – While they strive day and night to ensure their kids’ happiness, mothers often forget about their own dreams, ignoring their inner child.

how i really want to spend mother's day

As a child, I always wanted to try ziplining. I think Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion (excuse) to try it out, and I’ve found the ideal place to do this! Sentosa is also home to the super-thrilling MegaZip at Mega Adventure Park and Giant Swing at AJ Hackett — and this Mother’s Day, you’ll definitely catch me having the time of my life there. I might even convince my own mum to try them out!

how i really want to spend mother's day

6. Dinner at an Amazing Spot – To me, dinner with family on Mother’s Day is mandatory. However, this year I would love to indulge in an extra-special gastronomic experience at a location that is verdant and beautiful, and where the sunset will take my breath away. The stuff dreams are made of, huh?

how i really want to spend mother's day

Well, I know of such a place. It’s the Dusk Restaurant and Bar, which is brand new and located at Faber Peak in Sentosa… and I would just love to wrap up my delightful day at Sentosa with a spectacular meal here.

A glorious sunset, hilltop views, rainforest surroundings, delectable food and of course, my loved ones. To me, this is  the perfect recipe to end  a heart-filling and  unforgettable Mother’s Day.

I’ve actually got many more ideas from Sentosa’s website listing unique ideas for Mother’s Day (now to present them to hubby dearest!).

So mummies, Mother’s Day doesn’t have to follow the same old routine every year. Let’s make this year’s Mother’s Day even more special for ourselves… and our own mothers.

I would love to know what your cool and unique ideas are for Mother’s Day, too!

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