Hong Kong Woman Abuses Indonesian Maid in Disturbing Viral Video

Hong Kong Woman Abuses Indonesian Maid in Disturbing Viral Video

A disturbing Facebook live video is shedding light on the horrors maids face at the hands of cruel employers...

Maids help make caring for our families and running a household easier. But sadly there are cases wherein maids suffer terrible maltreatment – the most recent of which happened in Hong Kong. In a disturbing clip broadcast on Facebook live, a Hong Kong woman abuses Indonesian maid while threatening to kill her.

Hong Kong woman abuses Indonesian maid, proof goes viral on social media

The 12-minute video, which clearly shows the elderly woman assaulting her maid, has enraged thousands of netizens. 

The Facebook livestream begins with the 79-year-old woman scolding the maid for her poor work ethic. 

The maid contradicts her, which sets the employer off. Fuming, she begins to grab the maid by the neck and beats her several times. 

“I really want to kill you. I’ll die with you,” threatened the elderly woman.

What follows is a heated argument. The Indonesian maid responds in her native dialect, which only angers her employer even more.

“I really want to kill you…”

hong kong woman abuses indonesian maid

Hong Kong woman abuses Indonesian maid: “I would hack you to death if I don’t have to be sent to jail,” the elderly woman threatened. | Screenshots: Time News International Facebook page

The elderly employer continues to strike the maid, punching her on the face and body and pushing her roughly onto the bed. At one point, the abusive employer even covers the maid’s mouth with her hand.

“I would hack you to death if I don’t have to be sent to jail,” she threatens in Cantonese.

As of this writing, the disturbing video has been shared over 25,000 times.

The 79-year-old Hong Kong woman, who has been identified as Wong Tai Sin, has been arrested for common assault and criminal intimidation, reports The Straits Times

You can watch the controversial video below.

What this shows about the importance of being a good employer

Anja Wessels, a research consultant for the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics (Home), tells HerWorld the importance of treating maids like family. 

“As maids are responsible for the safety of your children, the elderly and other family members, they naturally become part of the family network,” she says.

Maids have families of their own. While there have been incidents of misbehaviour by maids, there is no excuse to physically hurt and threaten anyone. 

In Singapore, The Ministry of Manpower enforces severe penalties to abusive employers. 

MOM SG takes complaints of abuse or ill-treatment seriously. According to their website, they immediately launch investigations into the matter.

hong kong woman abuses indonesian maid

Hong Kong woman abuses Indonesian maid – lessons we can learn about being good employers | Image source: file photo

Here are ways employers and maids can have a better relationship:

  • Uphold their dignity. Respect their rights – the right to privacy and respect, for instance – and don’t belittle them. They, too, have families of their own. Most of them have to live far away from their loved ones. Keep in mind that they are also human beings with hopes and dreams.
  • Resolve conflicts with respect. Even if you disagree, do not be cruel or hurtful. Stay patient and open to discussion. If your problem is with her performance, be honest and help her determine how to improve.
  • Be firm with boundaries but be kind. Yes, you still have to keep it professional, but kindness is important. Maids are a part of our daily family life, and so a good relationship with them is important to a happier home.
  • Communicate constantly. Keep communication lines open. Ask how she is doing, what her struggles are and how you can work on them together. Making them feel heard often discourages secrecy or misbehaviour. 
  • Be generous. Mark special occasions with simple gifts and don’t be stingy with privileges – within reason, of course. By making their hard work feel appreciated, they’ll be more determined to give their best in their daily tasks.

Why do you think it’s important to be a good employer, mums?


Sources: The Straits TimesMinistry of Manpower, HerWorld

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