Mums, here's why Hong Kong is the best family holiday destination for you

Mums, here's why Hong Kong is the best family holiday destination for you

Café hopping, shopping, navigating old and new neighbourhoods, and exploring the great outdoors-all you need to satiate your wanderlust is in Hong Kong, the perfect urban holiday destination for your jetsetting family

As parents, you are always looking out for your family. You want your kids to get the best in life, both in work and in play. Holidaying abroad is no exception to this rule. You want to ensure that your kids have maximum learning coupled with maximum fun.

At the same time, you also want your holiday destination to have something for yourself, too. This could be culture, food, shopping… or something that reminds you of a time when you were younger and carefree (and kid-free!).

Travelling is a great way to bond as a family, have a good time and develop shared memories. It’s also an ideal time to learn about people, places and cultures. All this gives your child a very special kind of practical learning that goes beyond the four walls of a classroom. 

That’s why when we bring our kids on holidays, we choose one that can offer all this and more.

Keeping all this in mind, we think that for a Singaporean family, the perfect holiday destination is none other than Hong Kong!

Why Hong Kong?

Why not Hong Kong is the question to ask! First and foremost, it is not too far from our own shores, being just four hours away by plane! As an urban destination, it has many similarities to Singapore in terms of it being a garden city that is safe and secure for children. But the similarities end there. Hong Kong will surprise and delight you with the range of experiences that it can offer you and your family.

The landscape of Hong Kong is home to many natural and man-made wonders. Its  bays and harbours are kissed by sparkling, aqua waters and its verdant hills and slopes are truly breathtaking. The city landscapes are equally stunning and home to many soaring architectural masterpieces.

But that’s just the start of the beauty that’s immediately visible.

Hong Kong hides in its heart many secrets: from outlying islands and quaint villages to sandy beaches and twisting mountain paths. Far from the madding crowd, nature welcomes you in Hong Kong’s Geopark, nature reserves, marine parks and botanical gardens. If you venture out a bit more, you will witness statuesque mountains guarding rugged coastlines and the glistening sea.

Which megapolis in the East allows you to stargaze at night while camping out with your kids, without a worry in the world?

In fact, Hong Kong has it all —the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the original and ersatz.

This is one destination that can take care of all your family’s needs and desires as a tourist heaven. Don’t believe us? Try out these attractions/activities and we bet that you will not stop raving about the wonders of Hong Kong:

1. Café Hopping

Let’s start with café hopping! We Singaporeans have the reputation of being food lovers, so let’s start our odyssey with delicious food in all its shapes and sizes and tastes and flavours.

Here are some hip and funky food joints in Hong Kong that will make all you foodies extremely excited! 

hong kong family vacation

9¾ café: Does the name remind you of a very popular, magical movie? Yes, you are right! This café is inspired by Harry Potter! From the décor to the display of memorabilia, this café will magically transport Harry Potter fans to the wizarding world they adore!

hong kong family vacation

Yum Cha: As a new-gen foodie, it’s likely you appreciate the visual beauty of good food as much as its flavours. Yum Cha is the perfect place then, for all your Instafood dreams! YUM adopts a playful twist on Chinese cuisine, while maintaining traditional Chinese flavours. Dining at the restaurant is made memorable with a number of “camera eats first” moments that will arouse diners’ visual interest and appetite.

Even the café’s décor is reminiscent of Chinese dining traditions. Coupled with a variety of nostalgic, decorative items such as traditional Chinese serving utensils and birdcages, glimpses of old teahouses reappear in front of diners’ eyes from a golden past.

Special touch! The culinary team emphasizes the use of fresh, seasonal and quality ingredients and only serves food with no added MSG.

Crazy Car Café: What happens when cuisine and karts come together? You get Crazy Car Café!

hong kong family vacation

In this café, you get a combination of dining and kart racing, making it a dining destination that all ages will love and enjoy. The café has a racing area for go-karting and karts for both adults and children (above 110cm).

Special touch! With a minimum spending on food as admission to the cafe, you are entitled to unlimited kart rides for two and a half hours.

2. Explore old and new neighbourhoods

As the ultimate urban destination, Hong Kong presents a picture of contrasts. Here we find city life and cityscapes huddling together with quaint villages and old neighbourhoods. Here are a few of the must-visit neighbourhoods!

hong kong family vacation

Discovery Bay: Discovery Bay, located in the northeast of Lantau Island, is Hong Kong’s foremost premium international residential community. It is a unique leisure destination, boasting a quiet environment, sophisticated urban planning and a variety of waterfront facilities.

Situated next to Discovery Bay Pier, D’Deck is Hong Kong’s renowned oceanfront al fresco dining destination with numerous themed restaurants, spectacular views of the sea and Disney fireworks.

Tai Pak Beach: Kids love beaches and playgrounds, don’t they? Head over to Tai Pak Beach with your kids for a day of fun. It’s a 400-metre-long man-made beach with fine quality sand specially shipped in from Hainan Island.

Facilities at the beach include a children’s playground, changing rooms and showers. While your kids play, you can enjoy a picturesque sunset with your dear hubby, transporting you back to a time when it was just the two of you. See some awesome pics here

hong kong family vacation

The beach also hosts a Sunday Market every second Sunday of the month, where you can shop for fine jewellery, vintage clothes, handmade ceramics, eco-friendly stationery, organic goods and more.

hong kong family vacation

Special touch! Built on the value of handmade goods, the Sunday Market is a gathering place to showcase Hong Kong’s brightest indie-crafters, artists, designers and small business owners.

Old Town Central:

Beneath the stunning skyline of Central, history, arts, food, and culture all flourish in one of the city’s most archetypal neighbourhoods — Old Town Central. This is where East and West, past and present, traditions and innovation, excitement and tranquility blend and collide. It’s a testament to Hong Kong’s vibrancy.

hong kong family vacation

Special touch! The colourful graffiti walls littered around the artsy neighbourhood are the perfect backdrops for your Instagram moments. Visit PMQ for a deeper look into Hong Kong’s creative and entrepreneurial scene. PMQ houses more than 100 local designers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs selling creative, quirky, handmade items.

Old Town Central is also where you can discover HK’s public housing history at Mei Ho House and at Vintage Café – House 41. The vintage café at Mei Ho House perfectly preserves nostalgia by using retro fittings and cutlery.

3. Experience the great outdoors

Hong Kong is a unique urban destination where the great outdoors are not too far away from cityscapes! You can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city to experience hiking and biking in the outdoors, and access idyllic beaches, volcanic landscapes, feng shui woods, nature reserves, marine parks and botanical gardens.

To sample the great outdoors in Hong Kong, here is what we recommend:

Cheung Chau: Take a short trip away from the bustling city life with a camping trip in the outlying islands of Hong Kong. Cheung Chau offers family fun activities like cycling and camping. Sai Yuen Farm offers a holistic outdoor adventure with camping facilities, and activities like the Tree Top Canopy Walk, craft workshops, and goat feeding. Top it off with a night’s stay at one of the outdoor camping tents at the farm. Choose from four camp concepts, each depicting a different native culture (African, Mongolian etc). For a magical night, pick the Star Gazing Geodesic Dome that has a transparent ceiling so you can literally sleep under the stars.

Special touch! Soak in the Hong Kong culture and join a workshop to learn how to bake the traditional Lucky Buns that are the basis of the famous Cheung Chau Bun Festival. Workshops are conducted at Kwok Kam Kee, the island’s oldest bakery.

Dragon’s Back:

hong kong family vacation

A relatively easy nature hike that is perfect even for young children, the Dragon’s Back hike promises stunning views of Shek O, Tai Long Wan, Stanley, Tai Tam and even the South China Sea. Kids will be entertained by the little streams along the hiking trail. Just remember to bring sturdy shoes and plenty of water for everyone!

Take a boat ride (or two!): Do your kids love boat rides? Then look no further! Have a meal at Jumbo*, the iconic floating restaurant at Aberdeen Harbour. Featured in numerous Hong Kong movies, this famous restaurant has served many celebrities (the likes of Queen Elizabeth, Tom Cruise, Chow Yun-Fat and more). Jumbo serves traditional dim sum, fresh seafood and classic Cantonese-style dishes.

hong kong family vacation

If you are looking for a boat ride down the beautiful Victoria Harbour, try the DUKLING*, a wooden three-mask antique junk tour. For a spectacular view of the newly revamped “must-see” Symphony of Lights show, board the 7:30pm / 7:45pm cruise so you can see the show with a first-class view. 

4. Attractions

hong kong family vacation

We know… we know… if you bring your kids to Hong Kong and don’t bring them to

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort & Ocean Park, then the trip will not be complete!

If you are planning to visit Hong Kong in the spring season, you will experience a whole new level of magic at Hong Kong Disneyland, as more than 100 Disney Friends celebrate the Disney Friends Springtime Carnival from March 15 to June 20. There’s no better place than Hong Kong Disneyland Resort for guests to enjoy the season of renewal this year!

Also, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort’s third hotel — Disney Explorers Lodge — has opened its doors, welcoming guests to a brand-new hotel experience in Hong Kong filled with exotic adventures!

Ocean Park: This is another adventure which takes ocean exploration to another level! Here, a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park have all been rolled into one. It features over 80 attractions and rides, and you know what’s so special here? It has Mine Train — Hong Kong’s first virtual reality (VR) roller coaster!

hong kong family vacation

Special touch! Experience whole new levels in multi-sensory VR in Ocean Park by getting on the first VR roller coaster in Hong Kong. Take your VR adventure around the Park and immerse in the natural world through stunning effects. 

5. Shopping 

Mums, we know that a holiday abroad includes a good dose of shopping, too. Hong Kong will not disappoint you in this department. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice!

For your shopping fill, head over to Harbour City, the place to be for all fashionista mums and bubs.

Besides being the largest mall in Hong Kong, Harbour City boasts a kids’ shopping street of more than 40 children’s wear brands from covetable fashion houses like GUCCI Kids, Dior Kids, Stella McCartney and ZARA kids. It is also home to a large Toys R Us flagship store.  

Special touch!

After shopping to your heart’s content, head over to Ocean Terminal Deck, a rooftop observatory surrounded by the sea. Offering a 270-degree panorama view of Victoria Harbour and breathtaking views of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, it is one of the best venues to enjoy Hong Kong’s sunset views.

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