Holyland Travel and Tour Agency Ensures Family-Friendly Vacations!

Holyland Travel and Tour Agency Ensures Family-Friendly Vacations!

Tour agencies promote destinations that hold an interesting amount of distraction to feed a child’s attention. Here we have checked out Holyland Travel tour agency for you

Holyland Travel

Looking for a tour agency? Check out our Holyland Travel review!

Parents have bizarre stories to tell when it comes to travelling with children, more when the kids are below a certain age. Is there really a struggle to travel with children or does it just amount to bad planning?

Many tour agencies in Singapore usually promote destinations that hold an interesting amount of distraction to feed a child’s attention. However, do travel agencies stick to their proposed travel plan and make the necessary arrangements and cater to complex requests as well?

TheAsianParent found one travel agency, Holyland Travel & Tours that not only draws up tours but also goes the extra mile to ensure that the tours are family-friendly with a high level of satisfaction to each and every person booked for the tour.

Holyland Travel & Tours

Holyland Travel & Tours, located at 189 Selegie Road, #02-09, Selegie Centre, has been around for over almost two decades. Established in 1989, the tour agency has not only been offering pilgrimage tours but family oriented destinations as well. TheAsianParent spoke to Mr. Fernandez Pius, the managing director and Mr. Gerard Christopher, the operations’ and sales’ director.

It all began when Mr. Pius had a vision to bring people to Israel. What begin as a vision has transpired into numerous tours being made not only to Israel but to numerous other pious places as well. However, many tours are also arranged to cater to families who just want to have the good ol’ fun with the kids during the holidays. Holyland also offers inbound tours to places such as Sentosa, Jurong Bird Park, etc. Catering to schools and even childcare centres, Singapore Tourism Board trained guides provide a fun and learning experience for the children.

Excellence in Hospitality

Holyland goes the extra mile to prepare special tours for the disabled for outbound tours. “There is no reason why anybody should not be able to enjoy beauty the world has to offer through the experience of being in a different country. There is no such thing as a certain country, island, etc is out of bonds to someone just because he is physically handicapped or such,” says Mr. Christopher. Such tours are accompanied by a paramedic and a nurse who doubles up as a tour guide.

The itinerary for the family tours is one that involves family oriented programmes to promote family togetherness. Unlike other agencies, Holyland refuses to cram activities into one itinerary. “We list the main ones down. You can show more places when less in on the itinerary. In that way, our customers are happy as well because they are not having a day filled with multiple trips to multiple places spread all over the certain town we are visiting for the day. However, with good time spread and weather, more places can be seen on the way and passengers are happier this way,” explains Mr. Pius.

Family travel certainly is up a notch with such agencies organising family oriented tours. Vacations can never go wrong with good planning. So, Moms and Dads, with December approaching, have you planned your vacation yet?

Check out Holyland Travels & Tours at Holylandsite.com.sg!

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