How people with a high IQ see the world

How people with a high IQ see the world

A new study has revealed that people with a high IQ actually see the world differently to those who are less intelligent. These findings offer an explanation as to why smarter brains are more efficient in processing information. We look at the findings and also talk about IQ and your child.

Brain power

Brain power: A high IQ can make you see the world differently

A new study by psychological experts looked into the way people process sensory information – and found some fascinating results. The report was published on Cell Press journal, which can be found here.

The scientists found that people with higher Intelligence Quotients (IQs) were able to block out other distractions when focussing on a specific target. The experiments involved participants focussing on a small moving object, whilst other larger objects or irrelevant images had to be blocked out.

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Those with a high IQ could focus more easily, which shows that their brains are more able to suppress distracting objects. They also find it easier to distinguish moving objects.

Not unexpected

Speaking about the relevance of these results, Duje Tadin from the University of Rochester, claimed that the results “weren’t unexpected”.

“It is not that people with high IQ are simply better at visual perception…instead, their visual perception is more discriminating. They excel at seeing small, moving objects but struggle in perceiving large, background-like motions” he added.

High IQ child

Having a high IQ can make you process information differently to others

Everyday Benefits

Whilst the test simply involved participants watching moving bars on a screen, the applications of this skill can be applied to situations in the real world.

Participants with a high IQ found it easier to block out distraction. This can be applied to how people sometimes process information. For example, when we are exposed to a lot information at once, we often have to ignore some of it, and concentrate on the most important stuff.

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It can also be applied to cognitive tasks such as reading. Reading involves focusing and gathering information from one small target (a word) with lots of other distractions around (the other words). This may explain why those with higher IQs have better reading abilities.

The source for this article can be found here.

High IQ and your child

As parents, you are constantly reminded of how intelligence leads to success in many aspects of life, such as academic achievement or career advancement. If you would like to enhance your child’s intelligence, without resorting to extreme measures, there are several things you can do to effectively facilitate IQ improvement. Here are our top 5 tips:

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1. Reading bedtimes stories encourages reading from a young age. It’s also an opportunity to learn new words and understand the significance of vocal tones and facial expressions.

2. Encourage mental exercise with the use of board games such as chess or puzzles. A mental workout makes the mind stronger, just like a physical workout makes the body stronger. Keeping all parts of the mind active will lead to improved ability in processing information.

3. Enrich your child’s mind with sufficient nutrition. A healthy diet including plenty of fruit and veg is very important. Research has also shown the importance of certain fatty acids found in fish. Although sometimes difficult, incorporating fish into a child’s diet can improve their chances of a high IQ.

4. Let your child play. Outdoor activities will keep your child fit and improve oxygen flow around the body. By experiencing varied activities when growing up, a child will gain new life skills, become exposed to different environments and learn new things. All of these factors help boost overall brain power.

5. Encourage your child to make friends. This is essential for interpersonal intelligence. Being around friends is an opportunity for your child to learn how to adjust and communicate with other people; another essential life skill which will improve their high IQ potential.


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