The safest way all parents should wash their newborn's hair

The safest way all parents should wash their newborn's hair

Taking care of a newborn's skin and hair keeps him clean and feeling fresh. So take a cue from this video to understand how you can wash your newborn's hair

The newborn's hair and skin are extremely delicate and needs special care and attention. In fact, cleaning their head should be on your 'priority' list.

Many mothers may wash their newborn's hair during bath time, because it is more convenient. But there are many key things you must keep in mind even while washing your newborn's hair during bath time.

  • Some babies do not have a lot of hair on the head, so you can try washing the head with a soft cloth. Simply wet the cloth and wipe it over the baby's head.
  • If the baby has heavy hair, you should use a shampoo. Make sure it does not drip into his eyes and wash the hair just as you would wash your own hair. You should pay special attention to massaging the shampoo into the baby's head. This is to make sure there is no dead skin in his head. Once done, take the clean wash cloth and clean his head to remove the soap.

Watch this video to understand exactly how to wash your newborn's hair:

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