Here’s how you can keep your teen future-ready with data science

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How can you help your child innovate a data-driven world?

According to, Economists fear that up to 35% of jobs will be lost to machines in the next 20 years due to robots and automation.

For example, JPMorgan Chase is closing 300 bank branches by the end of next year, due to the fact that 58% of bank deposits were made online, without the need for a bank teller.

Since the future workplace will be highly automated, it is going to require individuals who are well-versed in technology!

So what is data science?

In short, it is the field of analysis and prediction on large datasets through software. In other words, we use it for smart recommendations, speech, visual recognition, just to name a few.

We’re pretty sure you’re familiar with Snapchat, which was started by Evan Spiegel when he was 21. The app, uses facial recognition algorithms to produce its highly popular filters. The app has over 150 million users per day and Spiegel now enjoys a net worth of 2.1 billion U.S. dollars.


The famous Snapchat filter (Source: Wikimedia)

Similarly, Tesla and Facebook’s self-driving cars use similar algorithms that allow vehicles to navigate traffic with a smart computer. These computers make thousands of considerations in a very short amount of time – in a sense, mimicking the human brain.

Is data science relevant in Singapore?

Yes, data science is becoming highly relevant in Singapore. The Singapore government has recognised this shift in the kind of manpower and skill sets that we need to stay relevant.

In line with Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative, Python, a basic coding language will become an examinable subject at the ‘O’ Level national exams, which was previously only taught at the ‘A’ Level.

Meaning to say, that the presence of data science has definitely grown enough for it to be set as an ‘O’ Level subject!

What does Code Gakko do?

Code Gakko, is an ed-tech (educational technology) company founded by young entrepreneurs from Yale-NUS College and Yale University. They aim to empower the technological leaders of tomorrow by giving students the relevant skillset.


Image Source: Facebook, Code Gakko

Code Gakko works with both primary and secondary schools, giving students the fundamental knowledge that will allow them to build relevant coding skills in the future.

In addition, it is also launching data science bootcamps for teens and young adults in Singapore. This is being done to meet the urgent demand for these skill sets in the industry.

Find out how you can prepare your child to face the ever changing job market on the next page!

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