Clever clogs - could your child have genius potential?

Clever clogs - could your child have genius potential?

With so much more evidence on brain development available in today’s society, are we allowing our kids to develop at their absolute best?

We know how much pressure kids face during their school years. While we try to guide them without judgement and with every ounce of support we have, it’s the limits they set on themselves that often cause the most distress.

But what if we could do something to help them achieve these goals? Something like exploring new methods of learning, like the Heguru Method.

Following extensive practical research in Japan, the Heguru Method has cultivated an educational programme which helps to harness a child’s real potential. The method uses both sides of the brain to maximise learning power.

Families in Japan have been benefiting from this thought process for over 30 years, and now thanks to Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis, Singapore families can too.

Using the right and left sides of our brains

The right side of the brain works with images – a bit like having a photographic memory. It processes large amounts of information at a faster pace.

Meanwhile, the left side of the brain deals with single bits of data individually at a much slower pace.

We use the left side of the brain on a daily basis, but Heguru says it’s access to the right side of the brain that can open up a genius in children.

Sounds interesting, right?

This would sound like a exciting proposition to any parent. We want our children to do the best they can in life.

Could we better prepare our children by giving them the opportunity to access their whole brain during early development? And would this make them more intelligent?

This is definitely something worth exploring!

Heguru Method @ fusionopolis, right brain training

Kids with right brain training do better in life says Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis

It’s no wonder then that the right brain training is becoming increasingly popular as a ‘super-enrichment’ class in Singapore.

Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis was developed by Heguru Japan. It offers programmes to suit your child as they grow and develop.

With classes for kids as young as 6 months, it’s a new way of educating children that can help them to develop their thinking skills, and provide them with limitless possibilites to expand their knowledge.

Using a combination of fun and highly effective stimulation programmes for the right side of the brain, it aims to discover your child’s potential ability and brain power development.

One thing that really differentiates Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis is the dream team of four highly qualified teachers at its heart. Principal Mrs Agnes Ng, Vice-Principal, Mrs Claire Ng, Senior Programme Instructor, Mrs Gina Tan and Senior Programme Instructor, Mrs Rachel Pei.

All four teachers were trained by experts at the Heguru headquarters in Japan, and certified by its founders. There are always 2 teachers in every class, so your child will receive the attention he/she deserves.

What’s more, kids are nurtured throughout the classes, and not pressured, setting them up for a better state of mind for when they do go to school.

Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis, right brain training

Teachers of Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis nurture children as they discover about right brain training

Mrs Agnes Ng, B. Arts & Social Sciences, NUS & Masters of Education in Early Childhood, NIE

Dedicated to the learning and enrichment of children, Principal, Mrs Agnes Ng, not only runs the centre, she teaches and is hugely involved in the day-to-day structure of classes.

Agnes has a Masters of Education in Early Childhood, NIE and specialises in the educational development of children aged 0-8 years old. She is also a mother of two. Her studies have covered a wide scope of training, including modules on how to spot and work with gifted children.

In search of the best right brain training techniques for her own children, she found the Heguru Method in Japan. So fulfilled by the experience and certain of its tremendous educational power, she decided to spread the knowledge back in Singapore, as Principal of Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis.

Her training and subsequent experience means she is the perfect educational guide for your toddler or young child.  Her passion for right brain training has driven a successful record of results at the school, and at home – as she has seen great mental development in her own children.

heguru method, right brain training

Mrs Agnes Ng not only runs the Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis centre, she also conducts lessons.

Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis believes its programme will develop children to become the future leaders of society. You can find out more about right brain training by signing up for its free Parent information Sessions (PIS).

To sign up for a PIS class or to register for right brain training classes, please visit the Heguru Method @ Fusionopolis website.

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Written by

Nancy Emery

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