Heguru Education (One KM and Sengkang) – Where holistic learning begins

Heguru Education (One KM and Sengkang) – Where holistic learning begins

Heguru Education Centre ( One KM and Sengkang ), a renowned children's right brain training school from Japan, has opened its doors in Singapore and is inviting all parents and their kids to join in the right brain development revolution. Find out more below.


Stimulating and engaging Heguru One KM and Sengkang classes with our best-in-class educators

Heguru Education – Bringing you the best in right brain training

Every parent wants the best for their child and in this competitive global climate, choosing the right enrichment class is part of their development into lifelong learners and well-rounded individuals.

This is where Heguru Education, a leader in right brain development, comes in. Heguru Education is unique because it focuses on “how to grow children’s ability to acquire education”.

Since its curriculum caters to kids from 0-6 years of age, your child will gain all the right skills for learning development even before the start of formal education!

Heguru Education’s best-in-class educators


Mr Kuah Eng Liang with Heguru Japan Founders, Mrs Ruiko Henmi and Mr Hirotada Henmi during opening of the Heguru Eunos Centre

What really differentiates Heguru Education Centre (One KM and Sengkang) is its dedicated, passionate and experienced teaching team.

Eng Liang, the Founder and Principal of Heguru Education Centre at One KM and Sengkang, was offered both the PLE-EDB overseas scholarship (to USA) and the Public Service Commission (PSC) – Singapore Government Scholarship (to France).

He accepted the former and pursued his Bachelor’s degree in one of the USA’s top Ivy League schools –Cornell University. After returning from the USA, he pursued a Master’s Degree at the National University of Singapore.

Upon comparing his local and overseas studies, Eng Liang observed how “left-brained” the Singapore educational system could be. There is precious little focus on developing the right brain of children.

When his wife became pregnant with their first child, Eng Liang began to do some research on right brain development and training for young children. He chanced upon Heguru, which was not available in Singapore then.

With great interest, he contacted Heguru in 2011 and was invited to meet the founders of HEGL, Japan, Mr. Hirotada Henmi and Mrs. Ruiko Henmi.

Having been touched by Mr. and Mrs. Henmi’s passion and having witnessed for himself the success of their endeavours, Eng Liang decided to bring Heguru to Singapore, not only to benefit his own son, but all the little learners here. He is now a father of  2.

“It is a combination of wanting to make a difference in the lives of future generations and a firm belief in the effectiveness of Heguru Education for our child.” – Eng Liang

Heguru Education Centre (One KM and Sengkang) also boasts of highly qualified and passionate teachers who are all graduates from renowned universities in USA and Australia, as well as NUS, NTU and SIM here in Singapore.

The Head Teacher, Paige, has over 11 years of experience teaching brain development and literacy programmes for young children, while other teachers have 5 to 8 years old of relevant teaching experience.

Heguru Education Centre prides itself in both effective programmes and excellent teaching team in nurturing young children’s full potential .

Equipping your child with skills for lifelong learning

Heguru Education works on the principle that, “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.”

This means that the classes at Heguru Education Centre (One KM and Sengkang) will equip your child with the skills necessary for them to develop holistic thinking and whole brain learning.

For example, children in class are given opportunities to construct their own creative stories during the link memory activity to practise this simple yet powerful memory technique.

They are also encouraged to participate in fun and stimulating knowledge and number activities to both sharpen their analytical skills and train their mental arithmetic.


Our attentive 1 year-old little learners engaged in fun learning

Learning with fun and speed

At Heguru Education (One KM and Senkang), learning is a burst of play and information! Astonishingly packed with a multitude of activities in a 60 minute session, the class is fast paced and stimulating.

More importantly, the right brain is effectively stimulated through speed, music, visualisation, memory and numeracy activities.

Complementary activities are also scattered throughout the lesson to train children to harness their powerful right brain abilities such as improved concentration and superb memory along with strengthening their left brain’s linguistic, cognitive and analytic thinking skills.

In essence, the Heguru right brain training method stimulates your child’s brain development beyond its normal progression, and helps your child fulfill his true potential.


Stimulating the minds of our focused 3 year old children

Character Building

Heguru Education also believes in holistic learning and has a special focus on character moulding by imparting a sense of confidence in the child. This is done through constant encouragement, clapping, and praising after and even during each activity to help build up your child’s level of self-esteem.

Unique features of Heguru Education Centre in One KM and Sengkang:

  • Friendly, dedicated, passionate and highly qualified teachers.
  • Cosy and homely environment for both children and parents.
  • Enjoyable, fast paced sessions that stimulate children as young as 6 months’ interest.
  • Parents are encouraged to accompany their child in class to foster parent-child bond through shared experience and play.
  • Parents are taught how to reinforce concepts learnt in class through an additional 10-minute session at the end of each lesson.
  • Presence of 2 teachers in a class at once for smooth and efficient transition of activities.
  • Classes are kept small at 4-8 students per class for effective learning.
  • Classrooms are spacious and conducive for your kids optimum learning.
  • Genius Barn, a dedicated play area for your children.
  • Genius Bar, reception for parents with complimentary drinks and magazines.

Miss Christine Phua (Mother of Jonathan David Phua, 4 years old)


The breadth and depth of the subjects and topics taught in Heguru are very different from other centres. The wide coverage of topics is impressive. While some subjects may be considered as more advanced, they are delivered through catchy songs that attract students of various ages. Thus, the exposure to such subjects still benefits the students.

Teacher Paige is a wonderful teacher who is passionate about teaching and truly cares for her students. She delivers the lessons effectively and never fails to compliment each and every student in class.”

“Heguru Education has helped nurture Jonathan’s sense of curiosity (based on the wide range of topics covered), expanded his general knowledge, and challenged him to think and respond faster.

He enjoys the songs and music used in the lessons so much that he still remembers some of the lyrics a few months later. He particularly likes the Dots Program at Heguru and has started to count in twos and in tens recently, on top of doing simple addition and subtraction. I’d dare to say Heguru Education has helped to build Jonathan’s confidence and potentials.





Visit the website to find out more: www.hegurueducation.com.sg.

Heguru Education at One KM

(this is the former Heguru centre at Eunos which has expanded and shifted to One KM with a much bigger premise)

Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Road, #02-53, Singapore 437157.

Phone: 6346 4646

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Written by

Wafa Marican

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