Win a heartwarming book by award-winning Tan Chin Hock this Christmas

Win a heartwarming book by award-winning Tan Chin Hock this Christmas

Tan Chin Hock's book about filial piety makes a good Christmas present for family and loved ones.

It's hard to find a Christmas gift that would add value - and not clutter - to a recipient's life. Admit it, you yourself would love to receive such a gift! If you're looking for a meaningful present that will be treasured, look no further than the heartwarming book Father (父), Mother (母) by Filial Piety Award Recipient Tan Chin Hock.

Through Father (父), Mother (母), the author shares practical tips on how to show appreciation to the most important people in our lives - our parents - that will delight them and bring a smile on their faces. “Through my lenses, I like to remind us of our ageing parents and hopefully to inspire and motivate all to take small and thoughtful actions for them in our daily lives”, Chin Hock exclaims.

Written simply yet profoundly, readers of all ages will find it an easy read and the photographs, evocative. It is also a good opportunity for children to know more about the Asian tradition value – Filial Piety. 

Win a free copy this heartwarming book by Tan Chin Hock!

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