Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG 2018: An adventure for the whole family

Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG 2018: An adventure for the whole family

Tired of feeling left out in “family” events? Here’s a festival that offers something for everyone, not just kids. Mums and dads will have a blast on this health adventure, too!

Listen up, mums and dads! There’s an exciting adventure waiting for you, your kids, and even your parents at the Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG 2018. The annual event brings together fun activities all celebrating the family’s well being. This year, everyone is invited to join the “Quest for Healthy Living” where visitors to the festival will embark on a great adventure through 4 exciting worlds.

Expect interactive games, learning stations, and fun entertainment like movie screenings and a fruity bouncy castle at the weekend events. Every world is bursting with activities that are sure to make everyone in the family — parents, kids, and even grandparents — busy, happy and healthy.

What to expect at Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG 2018

Put on your most comfortable clothes and sneakers and get ready to explore the 4 thrilling worlds at the festival: NutriQuest Empire where healthy and delicious food abound, Robo Garage where families will learn how to keep the body working efficiently, Wacky Wonderland where everyone can sweat it out to a roaring good time in Dinosaur Chase, and Mysterious Forest where the secrets of a healthy mind will be unraveled.

If you think the attractions can be overwhelming, here’s a suggested itinerary for your whole family to follow so that you can truly enjoy the festival.

Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG 2018: An adventure for the whole family

Start Your Day with Nutritious Meals at NutriQuest Empire

Everyone who loves to cook in your family (even your kids) will learn healthy recipes from the cooking demonstrations. You’ll get to taste what was freshly cooked, too! There are more food available for everyone to enjoy as visitors are invited to sample the delicious and nutritious dishes and drinks at various stations. Your kids will also enjoy the bouncy castle where they can learn how to create a balanced meal with My Healthy Plate.

Fight Infectious Diseases at Robo Garage

At Robo Garage, find out how to keep your body healthy by fighting the spread of infectious diseases and keeping active. You and your kids will enjoy picking up tips on the different types of exercises for maximum physical benefits. There will also be interactive games that show you how to beat bad habits!

Get Topsy Turvy at Wacky Wonderland!

In this world, you’ll learn how to reverse your lifestyle to a healthier you. Whatever unhealthy habits you may have can be undone—just follow the steps that will be revealed here. Are you suffering from work stress, are your kids too tired from an overbooked schedule? Let Captain Sleep show your family why sleep matters. You’ll learn how to relax more and sleep better and be on your way to a healthier you!

Challenge Your Mind at Mysterious Forest

Continue the relaxation by giving your body a rest but now you must challenge your mind at Mysterious Forest. To start, a game of Kerplunk will electrify everyone’s brain circuits! Let the grownups test their memory skills with mental activities. Your parents can also get tips on how to age actively through their golden years.

Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG 2018: An adventure for the whole family

There are many more exciting activities catered to everyone young and old! Join the group exercises such as Line Dancing. Get lively with the SaberFit workout to enjoy healthy bonding time with family and to make new friends.

When you need to chill out after all the excitement, catch a free movie screening with your family.

There’s something for everyone at Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG 2018! Mums, dads, kids and their grandparents will all have a blast at this healthy adventure. There’s no better way to start your family’s health journey!

The Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG 2018 Schedule of Shows

Join the Healthy Lifestyle Festival SG and experience the whole quest for yourself. There are 3 weekends coming up and if you’re looking for something new to bring your kids to, then this festival is the ultimate family event—it has something fun for both young and old, and your family will learn how to live a healthy lifestyle by engaging in educational and invigorating activities.

Visit the roadshow event scheduled near you: Roadshow 1 at [email protected] on 12-14 Oct, 11am – 830pm, and Roadshow 2 at Waterway Point on 26 – 28 Oct, 11am – 830pm. Then participate in the Grand finale at Singapore Sports Hub on 10 – 11 Nov, 11am – 8pm, to celebrate your family’s fun adventure into a healthy lifestyle!

Activities and worlds will vary at each roadshow.

Visit for more details. 

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