Soothing headache and earache in children

Soothing headache and earache in children

Learn how to soothe away your child's headaches and earaches like a doctor!

Parents always want their kids to feel comfortable, happy and healthy. Unfortunately, ailments, such as headache and earache in children can strike. Are you prepared to handle these without panicking? 

Headache and earache in children: All you need to know

Let us show you how to soothe away these ouchies.

Headaches in children

You might not believe it, but headaches are not just limited to adults. Small children have headaches too. For younger children, it could be due to an underlying illness. And for older kids, stress and vision problems could be the primary cause.

Here’s what to do:

Headaches can be a bit tricky to identify especially when your kids can’t talk yet. So, look out for cues such as head holding or head stroking.

Be mindful of these actions as you don’t want to see your children banging their head on the wall just to let you know that they are suffering from headaches.

Here are some steps you should take to help in soothing away the pain:

  1. Mild headaches can be treated by letting your child sleep in a quiet and slightly darkened room. You can put a cool washcloth over your child’s eyes or forehead.
  2. If complaints of a headache and earache in children are still persistent even after taking a nap, give a single dose of paracetamol. The pain should go away after a while. However, if your child’s headache is accompanied with fever, you can hold off on the paracetamol and visit the doctor immediately.
  3. Headaches are sometimes accompanied with vision problems. Should this happen, make sure to visit an eye doctor immediately.
  4. If your child has previously suffered from head trauma (from falls, bumps etc.) and is complaining of headaches, seeking a specialist’s advice immediately is pertinent.
  5. In any case, when your child complains of frequent headaches, it is best to consult a doctor immediately. Usually, a headache and earache in children or headaches with vomiting are often red flags that something is seriously wrong. Therefore, you should head to the doctor or emergency room immediately.
headache and earache in children

Why can a simple headache be dangerous in children?

Earaches in children

Apart from the common cold, children are also prone to earaches. In fact, small children seem to have earaches several times in a year. Children who can’t verbalize what they feel often tug on their ears to let their parents know about an earache.

It is important to note that not all earaches are dangerous. But because it can be difficult for parents to distinguish earaches from ear infections, an immediate visit to the doctor is beneficial.

The earache can be as simple as an earwax build-up in the ears but it could also be because of eardrum damage or fluid in the ears. If left ignored, it could lead to inner ear infection, developmental delay and even hearing loss.

Cold or warm packs can be placed on the aching ear to relieve pain while waiting for the doctor.

Headache and earache in children, fluid discharge or bleeding in the ears, and severe ear pain with stiff neck, should be addressed immediately by heading to the emergency room.

Addressing headache and earache in children can be heart-stopping for any concerned parent. Make your pediatricians your ally and your children will grow up to be healthy and strong.

What are your personal experiences when it comes to finding a headache and earache in children? Tell us your story by leaving a comment below.

If you want to know more about what to do when you find a headache and earache in children as well as other illnesses, watch the video below:

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