Head To These Places To Donate Clothes, Food And Other Home Stuff After Decluttering

Head To These Places To Donate Clothes, Food And Other Home Stuff After Decluttering

A lot of people can benefit from your leftovers, so think twice before throwing them away!

After you declutter your home for the new year, you will likely have a lot of leftover items to giveaway. Here are 13 suggestions for where to donate clothes in Singapore, or food and other home items so they don’t go to waste.

Where to donate clothes in Singapore, as well as food and other home items

1. Pass It On

If you’re wondering where to donate clothes in Singapore, then look no further. Pass It On accepts clothes, furniture and baby things to help families that are lacking these commodities. Families draft wish lists which Pass It On try to match. Otherwise, you can list the items you want to donate on their website. After that, you will be contacted by an organisation who can use your donations.

2. Willing Hearts – Donate provisions and raw ingredients like rice and oil

where to donate clothes in singapore

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If you fancy contributing towards the preparation of 5,000 daily meals, Willings Hearts will be grateful for your donations. The volunteer-led organisation runs a soup kitchen and distributes over 40 different locations. Raw materials like rice, oil or even bee hoon are more than welcome.

3. Blessings in a Bag

Started and run by passionate volunteers, Blessings in a Bag accepts all types of old and unwanted items. Their aim is to bridge the gap between communities that have with communities that need. After all, clothes that are worn out or slightly tattered shoes can still find a willing owner, even if you don’t need them.

Whenever you wonder where to donate clothes in Singapore, think of Blessings in a Bag. They distribute donations across Southeast Asia. So look forward to your donations travelling far and wide and put to better use!

4. Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS)

where to donate clothes in singapore

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Head to the nearest MINDS store to donate anything from furniture to clothes. Donated items will be available at very affordable prices and support the intellectually disabled. Furthermore, you’ll be providing learning opportunities that were previously unavailable through a simple act of charity. This is a good choice if you asked yourself where to donate clothes in Singapore.

The four MINDS stores at located in Woodlands Road, Margaret Drive, NTUC Healthcare and Rosynth Road.

5. FoodBank

A lot of us can be guilty of food waste. Instead of allowing perfectly edible food to end up in the bin, consider donating your leftovers and unwanted edibles to FoodBank. Nothing is wasted as the food donations are distributed across 130 different beneficiaries. Keep this in mind after Chinese New Year, where there’s bound to be excess!

6. H&M Garment Collection

where to donate clothes in singapore

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If you’re looking where to donate clothes in Singapore and get paid for it, H&M Garment Collection is your best bet. They aim to completely minimise textile wastage by repurposing unwanted clothes and fabrics. They will be resold with proceeds going to charity, or recycled. And the best thing is you will receive a H&M voucher after you drop off your unwanted clothes!

7. Uplift Project Singapore

It might not be at the forefront of your mind when you think of where to donate clothes in Singapore, but unwanted underwear is highly in need. A good bra can really help someone else out. So to meet these needs, the Uplift Project works with established organisations like the Red Cross and YWCA to get bras to women from poorer areas.

8. Dignity Mama Stall

where to donate clothes in singapore

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Used English and Chinese books are accepted at any of Dignity Mama’s 3 stalls. The grassroots organisation is run by youths from disadvantaged backgrounds, alongside their mothers. Your book donations will support these youth and give them another shot where other opportunities fell through.


If you’ve got children of your own, then you know just how quickly they outgrow their baby clothes. But if you’ve still got some lying around, this is where to donate clothes in Singapore to help other families. BABES helps pregnant teenagers to support themselves. And your small act of kindness can go a long way.

10. Salvation Army

Most of us are familiar with the Salvation Army! All manners of food, clothing and furniture are welcome here.

11. Metta Welfare Association (Metta)

where to donate clothes in singapore

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Although old electrics can gather dust, at Metta they will gain a new lease of life. Old electronics like keyboards or analogue radios can be recycled or given to organisations who need these items. Also, Metta is a good place for where to donate clothes in Singapore. Any old clothing or bags can be given here as well.

12. Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)

Man’s best friend earned their accolade for a good reason. And you can support other dog owners by basically donating your extra or unwanted supplies. Because ASD help stray and abandoned dogs, your donations are a helping hand in finding these pups a new home.

13. Image mission

Donate clothing that is appropriate for office work in order to empower young women from disadvantaged backgrounds in gaining employment. As we all know, first impressions make a big difference. Your old shirts or skirts you no longer want can make or break someone’s job opportunity.

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