Have that baby now and boost your career!

Have that baby now and boost your career!

Vanquish those thoughts that having a baby will hinder your career. A new study has found that having a baby can boost your career, provided the time's right!

Having a baby

Having a baby might just be the best career move you’ll ever make!

A study in the UK has found that thousands of women regret not having more children after putting off motherhood for their careers.

A generation is suffering agonising ‘baby hunger’ after waiting into their late 30s and 40s, often leaving it too late because of declining fertility. Only four in 10 women in their early 40s have achieved the hopes they voiced at twenty-something to have two children.

Most women said they wanted two children but many did not achieve this as the prospect of motherhood is delayed to climb the career ladder. But a new research found that having a baby does not delay or hinder your career climb–as long as you do it at the right time.

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It’s all about timing

Quite a number subscribe to the notion that the earlier you have your children, the more harmful they are to your career.

This is because you’re interrupting your career or cutting back your hours during that critical period of time — when you are building up your network base and human capital. This early stage is really important for building up salaries and promotions.

But not everyone chooses jobs based on pay. How you feel about your career and how satisfied you are is not just about income but about personal rewards.

So really, it is your choice.

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A baby is good for you

Surprisingly, having a baby can actually boost your career as it sharpens your focus.

Until you’ve had a person become entirely dependent on you for her every little move, you don’t know what a time crunch actually is, really. Luckily, that time crunch at home makes you focus like you never did before when it comes to work time.

You don’t have the option of finishing something up when you get home, because someone is already there demanding your every fibre of being. All that focus means more efficiency at the office – which also means a promotion!

Having a baby also will give you that extra push to be better at your job. That baby of yours needs diapers, food in his stomach and a good home, and mummy, you need cash for all that.

You probably need even more than you needed before that baby arrived, so really, there’s nothing like a new baby and rising expenses to make your go for that new position or that next big salary bump.

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Chat around the water cooler

Having a baby at the office is like having a never-ending supply of celebrity gossip. Nothing gets people to bond faster with you than to gossip and if you have kids, and your co-workers have them too then nothing will bond you faster than gathering and discussing those little scallywags.

Just try throwing this one out: “Hey do you guys know any good tuition places for a 9-year-old with a candy addiction?” and you’ll probably have a whole new set of friends and/or fellow commiserates.

Probably the best reason to pull it together, professionally, is to set a good example for your child. You’ve heard enough about the sad work ethic of the most recent generation; make sure you don’t bestow the same fate on your little one.

By the time he’s old enough to come to “Take Your Child to Work Day”, you’re going to want to make sure you’re sitting pretty at that job or at an even better position.

So don’t let having a baby grip you with fear. It could possibly be the best move you’ll ever make for your career.

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