Have birthmarks checked! Woman’s birthmark explodes because of her pregnancy

Have birthmarks checked! Woman’s birthmark explodes because of her pregnancy

31-year old Sam Davies, mother of 5 kids, found tumors inside her birthmark

Having a birthmark is a normal part for many people, and oftentimes ignored as something that’s been with that person all their life. Birthmarks usually are just that—marks on the skin, probably harmless—but for Sam Davies, the birthmark on her head was so much more than a mark.

Davies says that she would be able to tell that she was pregnant because the birthmark on her head would swell up and feel itchy. It was like that for four of her pregnancies with her girls, but it got worse when she was pregnant with her fifth child, a boy.

Davies is quoted by inquistr.com to say, “When I was pregnant with my first daughter, the birthmark started to grow a little, it became itchy and it grew. It was more of a growth than a mark, and I hated it. My birthmark reacts to me being pregnant.”

She continues, “In fact, it’s like a pregnancy test for me — when it starts to itch, I know I’m pregnant. But when I was carrying my son — after four daughters — it went out of control. As my bump grew, the birthmark grew too. It was like a monster. I was closely monitored, but in reality, the doctors didn’t know what to do.”

She was 32 weeks along with her son when the birthmark became extremely painful and suddenly burst.

“There was lots of goo and blood shooting out of my head, all down my face. I was panic-stricken,” Davies says.

When she was rushed to the hospital, it was found out that the birthmark was just the tip of several tumours, and the protrusion of her birthmark was the tip of the tumours being pushed out.

Thankfully, most of the tumours were benign (called hemangioma), but there were small amounts of cancerous cells found as well, so she had to undergo surgery right away.

Have birthmarks checked! Woman’s birthmark explodes because of her pregnancy

Sam Davies after her operation, credit: youtube.com

What caused it?

Later on, test results revealed that the change in her child’s gender made her heart pump more blood, and made the birthmark swell up and grow, eventually making it explode.

The son that was a factor in her birthmark exploding will be her last, says Davies, and thankfully, both she and her son are safe and free of any ailments. The birthmark on her face is now replaced with a large, noticeable scar, but it no longer gives Davies any trouble.

Like Davies, if you suspect that a birthmark is more than it is, like suspicious growth, itching, swelling, or anything that goes beyond being a mark, it’s best to err on the side of judgment and have it checked.

Even if most cases won’t be as severe as Davies’, it can still reveal something beneficial to your well-being, or will give you peace of mind, especially if you’re with child.

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