The Grandstand -- The ultimate family-friendly destination in Bukit Timah!

The Grandstand -- The ultimate family-friendly destination in Bukit Timah!

The Grandstand in beautiful, green Bukit Timah, is Singapore's ideal kid-friendly destination. Keep reading to find out more, including a very special offer for theAsianparent readers...

the grandstand

The Grandstand – the perfect place for the entire family!

As parents, we all dream of a one-stop destination for families to have an awesome time together.

We imagine this place would have ample activities for the kids — whether it’s enrichment classes, preschools or fun activities — as well as plenty of shops for the adults.

Parents: look no further — your dream is now a reality!

The Grandstand, which recently turned 2, is offering Singapore families with kids under 12 years old the ultimate family lifestyle destination.

Located in Bukit Timah, The Grandstand is a newly revamped area of almost 1 million square feet. It is home to a vast variety of lifestyle shops and services, including enrichment classes and preschools, that cater to everyone in the family.

Play, Learn and Eat at The Grandstand

The Grandstand offers a multitude of family-friendly attractions — from fun play sessions and educational activities to yummy treats to eat — that will keep visitors entertained throughout their stay.

Here’s a snapshot of what The Grandstand has to offer:


Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz offers a unique educational LEGO® model building experience for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old.

Kids will benefit  from specially designed project kits and theme-based models which provide the building blocks for the Bricks 4 Kidz approach to educational play. This reinforces math and science concepts, while boosting children’s self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

Children will also develop an appreciation of how things work, learning to work as a team and using their imagination.

Visit Bricks 4 Kidz in the North Grandstand, shop #04-11.


the grandstand

Kids get to learn and cook at Young Chefs Academy!

Young Chefs Academy

Young Chefs Academy Singapore is a unique culinary experience which offers cooking classes to children aged 3 – 17.

Each visit to Young Chefs Academy is a new experience with fresh monthly themes and exciting new programs.

The staff consists of highly qualified teachers, chefs and nutritional experts who together provide an interactive learning experience that gives children the opportunity to develop a life-long love for the culinary arts.

Young Chefs Academy is located in the North Grandstand, shop #07-03.

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Sissonne Dance Art

The teachers at Sissonne Dance Art are CSTD (Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing) qualified instructors from Australia, trained to instruct students aged 2 to 20 years old.>

Sissonne Dance Art strongly encourages the enjoyment of movement in kids, teaching them grace, balance and coordination.

Find them in the North Grandstand, shop #04-14/16.


the grandstand

Sissonne Dance Art at The Grandstand – for every little dancer!


Fidgets World

Fidgets is Singapore’s largest indoor soft play structure for children 0 to 10 years old. There is even a dedicated baby and toddler play area so that your babies can also enjoy the fun.

Fidgets provides kids with state-of-the-art facilities, pro-active and fun facilitators, and progressive programmes for skills and character development.

Visit Fidgets in the North Grandstand at shop #03-10/11/13/15.

Kiddy Fun

Kiddy Fun is a unique air-conditioned exercise and play facility that specially caters to families with children below 8 years old.

It has several customized functional zones — Kiddy Baby, Kiddy Play, Kiddy Studio and Kiddy Bar — for the entire family to enjoy and have fun!

Visit Kiddy Fun in the South Grandstand, shop #04-04/05.


The Grandstand is home to over 30 restaurants, cafes etc, so you are sure to find one that suits your family’s needs. Here’s some information about a few of these amazing eateries.

Treehouse Cafe

This unique cafe is the ideal place for the whole family to bond over great food and plenty of fun activities.

Treehouse Cafe is equipped with  an indoor treehouse, play area and a dedicated programme of activities for children, ensuring that the little ones are well-entertained in a fun and educational environment.

The play area is suitable for children below 9 years old. Parents can have peace of mind watching their little ones play while dining and chatting.

There is also a fully-equipped nursing room for the comfort of mummies and their young ones.

Treehouse Cafe is located in the South Grandstand at shop #01-17.

Vegan Burg

For all you vegans craving a great, meat-free burger prepared with organic, ethically-sourced produce, VeganBurg is the place to go.

Find VeganBurg in the South Grandstand at shop #01-32.

More Good Eats and Sweet Treats!

Other great restaurants at The Grandstand include:

– Dancing Crab (South Grandstand, #01-20/21/22).

– DIO Burger (South Grandstand, #01-09).

– Restaurant Hoshigaoka (South Grandstand, #01-31).

After all the excitement of the day, end the day with a cup of coffee and a decadent dessert at these wonderful cafes and restaurants:

– Vitalia gelato (South Grandstand, # 01-15A).

– Latte e Miele Gelato Artisan (South Grandstand, # 01-34B).

– ET Artisan Sweets (South Grandstand, #01-35A).

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Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre

Kaleidoscope Therapy Centre has a team of dedicated and committed professionals, who provide for the emotional, developmental and social needs of your child.

The centre offers occupational therapy, speech language therapy, physiotherapy, social/behavioural support, creative therapy and play therapy services for children.

Custom-tailored individual and group therapy sessions are also available at the centre.

Find them in the North Grandstand at store #07-05/06.


The Grandstand is also home to a variety of childcare centres  and preschools that cater to every parent’s and student’s needs.

Some of these include:

– Maple Bear Canadian Preschool (North Grandstand, #06-07/08/09/10)

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse (North Grandstand, Level 5)

Mindchamps Preschool @ Bukit Timah (South Grandstand, #05-05/06)


Flair Nails & Beauty Services

Occupying a modern and spacious salon with a purposefully coordinated colour scheme of tranquility, Flair Nails is especially catered to provide you with a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere to pamper yourself silly.

Find Flair Nails & Beauty Services in the South Grandstand at shop #01-35B.

After you get your nails done, why not give your hair a special treat too at Back to Basic Hair Salon?

Find them in the South Grandstand at store #01-03B.

the grandstand

Get fit at Kinetika Xtreme at The Grandstand!

Xtreme Kinetics

Helping people rediscover the beauty of moving and freedom, Kinetika Xtreme is born out of the need to bring people closer to guided physical activities in a safe and luxurious environment.

Find them in the North Grandstand at store#07-09/10/11.

Updog Studio The Hot Yoga Space

Part of the Emmanuel Stroobant Group,Updog Studio is dedicated to helping you create and foster conditions of optimal health.

The team is comprised of committed Yoga practitioners who believe in combining body alignment techniques with breath techniques for calming and balancing the mind.

The highly skilled instructors will help you build strength, serenity and focus, whether you are a novice or advanced practitioner.

Find them in the South Grandstand, at store #05-03/04.

the grandstand

The best of farmers’ markets from around the world at PasarBella – only at The Grandstand

PasarBella – The Farmers’ Market

PasarBella is Singapore’s first multi-sensory grocery shopping destination.

With over 30,000 square feet of market space housing more than 30 unique stalls from around the world, PasarBella is your one-stop food and lifestyle experience.

Housed within a warm community-based environment, PasarBella encompasses a seafood market, meat, dairy, fresh produce, wines and craft beers, global cuisines and personal services.

Visit PasarBella in the North Grandstand, stores #02-K1 to #02-K81.

Family fun for everyone!

Ultimately, The Grandstand is the ideal lifestyle destination for the whole family and is already a shopping icon in the Bukit Timah area.

Right now it’s offering a great deal for theAsianparent readers.

The first 50 theAsianParent readers will get vouchers worth over $1000 when they show this article (a printout or on their mobile phones) to The Grandstand Concierge between 10am- 10pm daily.

So, parents, what are you waiting for? Free parking and a free shuttle bus service give you all the more reasons to visit The Grandstand today!

The Grandstand Address: 200 Turf Club Road, Bukit Timah.

Click here to visit the Grandstand website.

Click here for The Grandstand on Facebook.

Find out how to get to The Grandstand here




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