6 Hard life lessons you should teach your kids

6 Hard life lessons you should teach your kids

"There are bad people in this world. Very bad people. People who purposely harm others and reap satisfaction from their inhumanity.”

Parents inherently want to keep their children safe from harm, and if it were entirely up them, they’d want their children to live in a perfect world.

Unfortunately, such a world does not exist, and sooner rather than later, children will see for themselves the world for what it truly is.

It’s true that there’s a lot of love and wonder and compassion left in the world, and they are among the most blissful things one could experience for one’s self, but it’s also counterproductive to let your children grow unaware of the world around them.

One mother took it upon herself to come forward and admit the 6 harsh things she’s has no qualms teaching her children, published on Scary Mommy.

1. There are bad people in this world

Teach kids hard life lessons

“Very bad people,” she said. “People who purposely harm others and reap satisfaction from their inhumanity.”

Despite that, however, there are also a lot of good people, kind people, people everyone should aspire to be.

“The more kind people there are, the greater chance we have of drowning out the unkind. This is what you should strive to be above all else, even to those who have wronged you in some way.”

2. Not everyone will like you

Teach kids hard life lessons

And the thing is, no one is required to like you—that’s perfectly okay. It’s never all right to lose your identity in order to fit in with the ordinary and conform to people’s expectations.

“The world is a unique and curious place because we don’t all share the same tastes and interests…be your best you and find joy in knowing that there are people who appreciate and love you just the way you are.

3. Life isn’t fair

Teach kids hard life lessons

“You can do everything right and still, sometimes, things will go wrong. This is the nature of living, and there is nothing you can do about it except continue to put your best foot forward.

4. The world doesn’t owe you anything

Teach kids hard life lessons

Neither does the world owe anyone anything. Just because you want something doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have it, even after doing everything you can to achieve it.

“This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dream or put forth your best effort,” she cautioned. “There are plenty of things at which you will excel and you will receive plenty of accolades for your industry; the rewards for these pursuits simply may not look exactly as you might have expected them to. And that’s OK.

5. Sad things will happen to you

Teach kids hard life lessons

“At some point in your life (likely several points), you will endure trials and tribulations that will shake your resolve. Someone will say or do something mean to you. A friendship will dissolve. A trusted confidante will betray you. You will lose a prized possession. Someone close to you will die. These are realities of life. They are inescapable.”

The important thing is the way with which you handle each of these heartbreaks and failures and shortcomings. Never allow them to reduce your capacity for hope or ruin your integrity.

“Rather, learn from them. Use them to serve and help others in times of need.”

6. Failure is the first stepping stone toward success

Teach kids hard life lessons

Most people are afraid to fail, but failure is not a sentence; it’s a learning experience, a chance for you to dust yourself off and spring back up.

“Failing at something means you were brave enough to put yourself out there and lucky enough to be given the opportunity to learn something new. For this, you should commend yourself.”

Of course it hurts, especially if it’s a failure at something you worked hard for and really wanted, “but for every success you hear about, there are 10 failures crouching in its shadow, high-fiving each other for helping the winner to reach the top.”

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