Be a happier parent in 3 minutes with one simple trick

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Researchers have found that parents who implement this simple trick are happier parents with happier kids! Learn more about this trick here!

According to Psychology Today, researchers have found a new proven way to  raise your overall happiness as a parent. Obviously, the joys of parenthood speak for themselves, however, if you've been a bit overwhelmed with the cards you've been dealt as of late, this one simple trick may be just the pick-me-up you've been looking for.

So what is this simple trick? According to the article, all parents need to do on a daily basis is to visualise the three most positive aspects of your day. It's suggested that you do this around night time or while in bed so you have a chance to let the positivity sink in and ruminate on what made those three things so great. It's suggested that parents who do this experience happiness almost immediately, and tend to stay happy for longer.

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How and why does a simple process like this yield such great results with parents? Psychology Today explains in three steps:

  • The state of gratitude is very similar to love.  Scientists say it shifts our heart into a more "coherent" (healthier) rhythm. Meditators might say it opens our hearts.
  • Focusing on the positive makes our lives better.  No matter how bad things are, there is something to be grateful for. And the better you feel, the more effectively you can respond to any challenge.
  • We program our subconscious to create more of what we're appreciating when we hold a "picture" in our mind that makes us feel good.

The technique can truly make you a positive, happy, and radiant parent. But, what other benefits are there to this simple trick? Apparently a lot! The article suggests that the essentials of this trick can be applied to your children. "Just find three things you're grateful for about your child. Really appreciate those things in your own mind, and express them, as specifically as you can," says Psychology Today.

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In the same way that the positive outlook affects your parenting, it will also improve your child's general attitude and demeanour.

What do you think of this simple, 3 minute technique for better parenting and a happier outlook? Let us know and be sure to share your results!

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