21 Great Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins To Make Both Kids Happy!

21 Great Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins To Make Both Kids Happy!

These twin Halloween costume ideas are twice the fun.

Having a twin means having someone to do everything with, and dressing for Halloween is no exception. October is coming up fast, which means now is the perfect time to start thinking about which costumes the twins will wear to impress their neighborhood during the quest for candy treasure. After all, no one wants to be searching the stores for matching costumes or raiding the craft store for DIY supplies the night before Halloween. 

Dressing up for trick-or-treating, Halloween parades, and parties is always a blast, but with twins, picking out costumes brings double the fun and excitement. Whether you want to match them or just have the perfect pair of complementary costumes, there are so many awesome ideas for twins!

Whether they’re boys with matching smiles, sisters that have the exact same shade of hair or a brother and sister who used to be wombmates, dressing up together for Halloween will only make them more adorable. Luckily twins tend to agree on what they like (and what they can’t stand), which means it won’t be hard to find a matching Halloween costume they’re both super excited to wear. And twin babies are the best to dress for Halloween — they look great in anything, so have fun and enjoy the creative freedom!

These costumes ideas will let each child’s individual personality shine through, while still letting the world know that they’re twins. From store-bought ensembles like Mike and Sully, Luke and Leia, or the Tortoise and the Hare to clever (but easy to put together) DIY getups like Phil and Lil, a barista and Frappuccino, or The Shining twins, we’re rounded up 21 unforgettable twin Halloween costume ideas to make this year’s celebration one for the scrapbook. 


1. Alexander and Eliza Hamilton

Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Image source: Instagram (@thehouseofhannah)

In these Alexander and Eliza costumes from Broadway’s Hamilton, the story of tonight will be lots and of Halloween candy. 

2. Clark Kent and Superman

Clark Kent and Superman

Image source: Instagram (@mclpartyof4)

Here they come to save the day! Identical twin boys will be even more adorable dressed as Clark Kent and his alter ego Superman for Halloween.

3. Barbie and Ken

Barbie and Ken

Image source: Instagram (@rachael_inc)

These simple but ridiculously cute Barbie and Ken costumes will show everyone what living dolls the twins are. 

4. Serena and Venus Williams

Serena and Venus Williams costume idea

Image source: Instagram (@briannetalmadge)

Dressing twin girls as Serena and Venus Williams is sure to hit a Halloween Grand Slam. 

5. Thing One and Thing Two

Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Image source: Instagram (@theycallmemrscupcake)

For the duo that’s always on the move, Thing One and Thing Two make the perfect twin Halloween costumes. 

6. Luke and Leia

Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Image source: Instagram (@angiegirl62)

This Luke and Leia look is sure to earn twins candy from every corner of the galaxy. 

7. Barista and Frappuccino 

Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Image source: Instagram (@venies)

Yummy fraps and a great barista go hand in hand, and with these adorable Starbucks twin costumes, so can the kids on Halloween.

8. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Image source: Instagram (@jennypivonka)

These sweet Alice and Wonderland-inspired costumes can work for identical or fraternal twins, and are easy to put together with help from what’s already in the closet.

9. Elsa and Anna

Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Image source: Instagram (@lomullen)

Rather than dressing one twin as Red Riding Hood and making the other play the wolf, let both the little princesses fulfill their fairy tale dreams on Halloween by going as Frozen‘s Elsa and Anna.

10. Phil and Lil

Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Image source: Instagram (@sessmichelle)

Perfect for twins who are young enough to let mom and dad pick their Halloween outfits, ’90s kids will love these Rugrats themed Phil and Lil costumes.

11. Cuties

Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Image source: Instagram (@teradrain)

Got a couple of twin cuties? All-orange outfits and a decorated wagon is all it takes to turn them into actual Cuties for Halloween. 

12. Minnie and Mickey

Minnie and Mickey

Image source: Instagram (@bakerfamilyof6)

Twins who love watching Disney Jr. together will jump at the chance to go as Mickey and Minnie this Halloween. 

13. Ferris Bueller and Cameron

Ferris Bueller and Cameron

Image source: Instagram (@laurenluskwillis)

Twin brothers are also best friends, which is why these Ferris Bueller and CameronHalloween costumes make perfect sense for tiny pranksters. 

14. Mike and Sully

Mike and Sully

Image source: Instagram (@fiona_syson6)

Twins who snuggle up watching Monsters, Inc. together will think Halloween is twice as fun when they get to dress as Mike and Sully.

15. Wayne and Garth

Wayne And Garth

Image source: Instagram (@jesspants79)

Sure, the twins are probably too young to have ever watched Wayne’s World. But everyone handing out treat has. And cute twins + awesome costumes = all the candy. 

16. Mandrakes

Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Image source: Instagram (@andsothereweresix)

Fans of Harry Potter will love this clever mandrake costume idea for twin babies. Just make sure there are earmuffs on hand in case they start to cry.

17. ‘The Shining’ Twins

Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins: The Shining

Image source: Instagram (@ashtontwins)

The best part about having a twin sister? Getting to share clothes. But a close second is getting to dress as The Shining twins on Halloween and scare everyone to death. 

18. Belle and Beauty

Belle and Beauty halloween customes

Image source: Instagram (@daniellcop)

Twin girls both love Beauty and the Beast but don’t want to wear the exact same costume? Boom! Now they’re both Belle. Trick-or-treating is saved. 

19. King Gristle and Lady Glitter Sparkles

King Gristle and Lady Glitter Sparkles

Image source: Instagram (@emilyboazman)

Twins that can’t stop watching Trolls (or cute babies who look great in everything) will make a splash on Halloween in homemade King Gristle and Lady Glitter Sparkles costumes. 

20. Tortoise and the Hare

Halloween Costume Ideas For Twins

Image source: Instagram (@tinacesaro)

If one twin is always on the go and the other prefers to do things slow and steady, the tortoise and the hare are a cute and clever matching twin Halloween costume idea 

21. Maverick and Goose

Maverick and Goose

Image source: Instagram (@theaveryfive)

The twins will love getting to dress like fighter pilots, mom and dad will love the Top Gun reference. 


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