Top 9 Halal Food Restaurants With Delivery in Singapore

Top 9 Halal Food Restaurants With Delivery in Singapore

Affordable, yummy and they also deliver right to your doorstep!

The foodie in us Singaporeans means that we are go-getters when it comes to our favourite foods—whether in Circuit Breaker mode or not. If all else fails, we end up DIY-ing it (read: bubble tea). It is truly a blessing to be able to get access to a wide variety of food even amid the pandemic, with alternative delivery platforms to speed up the search. Efficient much, Singapore?

Now that you are spoilt for choice, here’s our list to help you get started especially if you are scouring for halal food in Singapore with delivery.

Halal Food in Singapore With Delivery

1. Afterwit

Halal Food in Singapore With Delivery

Photo: afterwitsg / Instagram

Get your tacos, burritos and nachos fix from Afterwit, Halal-Certified and Muslim-owned. Full of healthy Mexican goodness without compromising on flavour. Rain or shine, they offer islandwide delivery via The Black Hole here

Must try: Cajun chicken tacos, chipotle chicken rice bowl, butter chicken burrito

Price range: S$11 – S$18 

Address: 778 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198746

Phone: 8786 1948

2. Copper Chimney

Top 9 Halal Food Restaurants With Delivery in Singapore

Photo: copperchimneysg / Instagram

Dig into a mouth-watering feast of North Indian and Indian Chinese delicacies. You can expect favourites like butter chicken to even a nice Asian twist to Chicken Kung Pao. Order via Deliveroo here.

Must try: Butter chicken, Chicken Kung Pao, vegetable curry, mango lassi

Price range: S$6 ~ S$20

Address: 100 Syed Alwi Rd, Singapore, 207676

Phone: 9238 1272 (Whatsapp) | 6294 8891

3. The Dim Sum Place

Halal Food in Singapore With Delivery

Photo: @anyhowla / Instagram

The ultimate comfort food to satisfy your craving for authentic Cantonese cuisine. As good as the real deal, they also offer vegan and halal options.

Islandwide delivery available, free delivery for all orders above $50. | Order here 

Must try: Crystal shrimp dumpling, baked bun with roast duck filling, salted egg custard bun

Price range: S$13 – S$36

Address: The Dim Sum Place, 791 North Bridge Road, Singapore, 198759 

Phone: 9666 7420 (Whatsapp to order) | 6655 8787 

4. Padi

Top 9 Halal Food Restaurants With Delivery in Singapore

Photo: padibussorah / Instagram

Order in a feast for the family with Padi’s Indonesian cuisine with a wide variety of main courses, snacks and appetisers to Bento sets and desserts. Their Nasi Ambeng is a definite must-try!

Minimum order for free delivery is $50, otherwise there will be a $15 delivery charge. | Order here

Must try: Nasi Ambeng

Price range: S$10 – S$30

Address: 53 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199469 

Phone: 6291 3921 or 8798 7891 (call for same day delivery)

5. The Bravery

Halal Food in Singapore With Delivery

Photo: The Bravery/website

Exquisite and sumptuous dishes from The Bravery will fuel your days with the energy you need. If good food and great coffee is what you’re searching for, then look no further. They even have a kids menu.

Whatsapp them for delivery or order via Foodpanda. Takeaway orders are also available via their website. 

Must try: The Bullseye steak, Chicken Avocado Sandwich, The Frenchie

Price range: ~S$20 per person

Address: 66 Horne Road, Singapore 209073

Phone: 9388 2973 (WhatsApp for delivery)

6. IndoChili

Top 9 Halal Food Restaurants With Delivery in Singapore

Photo: IndoChili / Facebook

Have Indonesian fare mostly from Java, Padang, and Bali delivered right to your doorstep. From Gado-Gado, Nasi Kampung to Ikan Bakar Bali and a variety of desserts such as cendol, a burst of flavours await at affordable prices.

Islandwide delivery is available, simply order here or WhatsApp them. If you choose to do self-pickup, you get 20% off total bill.

Must try: Sambal goreng tahu tempe, Ayam Bakar Kecap, Gado-Gado Ulek

Price range: S$10 – S$30

Address: Various outlets, view here

Phone: 8922 8185 (WhatsApp to order) 

7. Fat Papas

Top 9 Halal Food Restaurants With Delivery in Singapore

Photo: fatpapas / Instagram

Where else to get your halal ribs, burgers, shakes and more than Fat papas? Good for us, their lip-smacking delights are available for islandwide delivery. Plus, you can build your own burger! | Order here 

Must try: Wimpy burger, The impossible cheeseburger, parmesan truffle fries

Price range: ~S$20 per pax

Address: 17 Bali Lane, Singapore 189853

Phone: 6291 8028 (for pick up)

8. Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro

Top 9 Halal Food Restaurants With Delivery in Singapore

Photo: fikacafesg / Instagram

Fill up your bellies with Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro’s home-cooked, traditional Swedish food and pastry. Sweet or savoury, it’s up to you.

Islandwide deliveries available at $10, free deliveries above $80. Pickup is available too. | Order here

Must try: Pannbiff, TunnBrödSrulle, Pasta Bake (Smidhagen family recipe)  

Price range: S$5 – S$30

Address: 257 Beach Road, Singapore 199539

Phone: 6396 9096

9. Marmaris Restaurant

Halal Food in Singapore With Delivery

Photo: Marmaris / Tripadvisor

From a diverse range of inventive sandwiches, salads and sides, their great-tasting Arabic and Western-inspired food options will leave you wanting more! Also highly rated by customers from Tripadvisor

Order via Foodpanda here

Must try: Falafel, chicken shawarma

Price range: S$3 ~ S$30+

Address: 111 Dunlop Street, Singapore 209430

Phone: 6291 3001

We hope you have found this list of Halal food in Singapore with delivery useful! 

Whether or not Circuit Breaker is here to stay (keeping fingers crossed), we hope to help the community—businesses and the public alike—to tide through this extraordinary time we are facing.

You can play a proactive part in supporting local businesses through TripAdvisor’s #LoveYourLocalSG Campaign. To learn more about this initiative and how you can support, visit

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Top 9 Halal Food Restaurants With Delivery in Singapore

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