This “hahaha” song will drive you nuts!

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We busted our tummies laughing to this "hahaha" viral video. We're absolutely sure that you'll get a kick out of watching the video as well!

This crazy viral video is slowly making the rounds of different websites around the world. It starts with a little girl sharing her exam results with her friend, and then her friend giving her a rather strange look.

And then the strangest and most unexpected thing happens:

A bunch of kids come out and start laughing. We're very confused as to what's happening, so we decided to watch the video some more.

Strangely, the laughter goes on for a good 15 more seconds. Things are starting to get really weird.

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Now the little girl is looking for her toothbrush.

Turns out, her friend took it. Why, you may ask? Well, here's why:

And we are guessing that the laughing kids will be making a comeback.

Uh huh, right on cue the kids come out laughing and shaking their heads.

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The GIFs don't really do the video justice, so here's the crazy video for your viewing and listening pleasure:

It's crazy right? We still don't get why the kids are laughing at the little girl's misfortune, but their laugh is pretty funny, and it gets funnier after watching the video a couple of times, especially if you look at the facial expression on the laughing children.

So the next time you're feeling down, or if your kid is throwing a tantrum, you can try watching the video. It's sure to get a laugh out of anyone who watches it!


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Alwyn Batara