My first time with the 3rd Gen Haenim UV Steriliser!

My first time with the 3rd Gen Haenim UV Steriliser!

Mummy Jacqueline reviews the brand new 3rd Gen Haenim UV Steriliser after having a bad experience with her previous sterilisers.

My previous experience with UV sterilisers haven't been very forthcoming. I got so annoyed at its lack of user friendliness that I went back to good ol' ways to washing by baby's bottles and other accessories with warm water and letting it air-dry.

That explains why I was quite wary when taking a look at the new 3rd Gen Haenim UV Steriliser.


Aside from few newer features, it also uses a Bluetooth technology that allows you to control its setting through an app. I'll get to that a little later. I wanted to first investigate its functionality and test whether it would be easy to use, even without the app.

First of all, upon unveiling the package, it looked great! It looked incredibly sleek and modern, fitting in perfectly our lifestyle as a family. I take pride in the interior design of our home and nothing annoys me more than having equipment that looks out of place with everything else in the home.

To test out it's 'user friendliness', I naturally tried the fastest 'Auto' mode which would take 30 minutes to complete a whole cycle. At first I thought 'That's a little long for something so high-tech'. However, compared to the steam steriliser I used previously, there's absolutely no water dripping all over the area when I take the items out to use. This also helps as I don't have to worry about the water getting into the electrical parts of the steriliser and spoiling it.


As I fiddled more with the options, I found that it was really easy to understand and use. There are 3 different modes: Auto, UV and Dry. I just needed to press the buttons to enable to function and selection the duration that I want.

Let's talk about space. I loved that even after filling the steriliser with 2 milk bottles, 1 water bottle, 1 container and a bowl, it still had plenty of space available. I looked up the product online and found out that it has space for up to 16 bottles!

After the sterilisation cycle was complete, I was worried that the items would be too hot and I would have to wait a while before preparing my baby's milk. I was surprised to find that the items were perfectly warm to touch and I could use them immediately, unlike my previous steam steriliser where I would need to wait for a few minutes before use.

The UV steriliser also had a Bluetooth function that was connected to it's own app, easily downloadable from Google Play Store for Android user or the App Store for iPhone users. The bluetooth function would allow the user to instruct the steriliser on the specific settings needed for all the functions, and can even be used to turn off the steriliser wirelessly.

This was perfect as it allowed me to select the settings I wanted and turn it off whenever I wanted to without even leaving the bedroom.


The Haenim UV Steriliser is definitely a keeper, and something I foresee saving me a lot more time and hassle if I decide to have more children in the future.

Product Specifications:

  • Uses 2 Osram Germicidal UV Lamps
  • Dries & sterilisers
    • UV sterilisation proven in lab to kill 99.99% of germs
    • Keeping bottles and pumps parts dry minimises germ growth due to lack of moisture
    • No more drying bottles & pump parts out in the open (exposed to dust & germs in the air)
  • Storage function available: Auto sterilise every 2h for 8h to ensure bottles/pump parts are ready for use anytime
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Only requires annual changing of UV lamps for optimum sterilising power, especially for frequent users using the set at 3-5 times a day
  • Uses PTC Heater for drying
  • Able to fit up to 16 bottles at one time

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Written by

Jacqueline Mong

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