Growing up with Scott's Emulsion

Growing up with Scott's Emulsion

Taking charge of our toddler's health goes beyond nutritious meals. A spoonful of Scott's Emulsion offers essential nutrients for brain and vision development, as well as healthy teeth and bones. It's that easy!

Hands up if you grew up in the ’90s too! This Scott’s Emulsion television commercial certainly brings back all those memories! After all these years, its catchy jingle is still deeply etched in my memory!

Scott’s Emulsion was part of my childhood, and I remember the tangy orange flavoured Cod Liver Oil my mum used to feed me with! Each spoonful was a burst of citrusy dance on my palates. But of course it was doing more than this because for Mum, this was all a part of her grand plan to keep me healthy.

Now that I’m a mother, I naturally look to brands I’m already familiar with when it comes to supplements for my kids. My mum can’t be wrong too since I turned out fine! 😛

Trusted by generations, chosen for the next generation

During the initial months of childcare, Vera was often sick, no thanks to bugs going around in school. Visits to the doctor were unceremoniously often, and it felt like we were on a Frequent Visitor Pass. GAH!

Growing up with Scott's Emulsion

Someone’s a fan of these Scott’s goodness! Available in Scott’s Emulsion and DHA Gummies!

There are two schools of thought when it comes to children getting sick: some believe that when kids fight bugs, it strengthens their immunity and resistance is built; others feel that a child’s weak immunity increases the susceptibility of falling sick. Simply put, it’s pretty much a chicken-and-egg concept. Either way, immunity is much like a bank that needs TLC, so that our body’s line of defense is ready to fight when the need arises. Mums like me believe that prevention is better than cure when it comes to health matters.

Besides a balanced healthy diet, Vera takes child-friendly supplements to support her immune system and overall development. Naturally Scott’s Emulsion products have made its way into her tummy as we have trusted the brand’s expertise and product benefits. She especially LOVES their Vitamin C pastilles too! We’ve had to resort to hiding them from her before she takes them all. 😛

Building our kids’ health – every bit counts

As a health-conscious mum, I’m pretty particular about what my children eat. We try our best to feed them with homecooked food so they enjoy healthy and nutritious meals with fresh ingredients. There’s only so much we can do to keep our kids healthy, but when viruses come knocking, that’s when the real battle begins, yes?

The last month was a challenging one for our family. It started with my throat and right eye being hijacked by a surprise troop of pirates. En route to recovery, Vera was hit by food poisoning, then Leroy went through a bout of flu just out of the blue! We were helping to rebuild his health and boost his recovery with these tips on supercharging a baby’s immune system which was helpful. But by complementing what we were already doing with Scott’s Emulsion Original with DHA, it’s like we were sending an army of essential vitamins and minerals to get him up and running faster.

DHA is more than just brain food

Growing up with Scott's Emulsion

Looking at the world through baby Leroy’s perspective must be fun! Cos big sister Vera decides to see it for herself too! 😛

Did you know? The highly sought after 3-lettered word “DHA” offers more than just brain food! They are also the building blocks that support healthy eye development and vision.

Since 80% of our brains are made up of fats, children need plenty of good fats to stay in tip top shape. That means fueling up with Omega-3 fatty acids since their brain develops exponentially in the first three years!

Do young children need supplements?

We put this question to a Senior Nutritionist in our previous article, who addressed this common concern from parents. As much as we hope to provide wholesome meals every single day, it really isn’t possible to do it 100% every meal!

According to Health Promotion Board (HPB) My Healthy Plate, this is how a typical meal should look. As for food options, DHA-rich food includes salmon, avocados, sardines, tuna, eggs, flaxseed, tofu, fish oil… but we can’t simply be feeding our kids with just these ingredients, right?

Growing up with Scott's Emulsion

Offering a balanced diet allows our kids to obtain the nutrients needed for healthy growth, development and overall well being. Cr: Health Promotion Board, My Healthy Plate

As for Leroy, his allergy to eggs means an option down, and him rejecting avocados (he used to like them during the early phase of weaning! Lol!) is not helping either. Thankfully he loves salmon, which we offer along with other fish and meat, simply because a child should be taking a variety of food!

Starting Leroy on the new Scott’s Emulsion Original with DHA

Getting Leroy on Scott’s Emulsion Original was surprisingly easy! We were a little skeptical at first that the taste might be fishy for him, but he liked it! And if the baby likes it then we’ve got a winner, right? YAY!

Growing up with Scott's Emulsion

So glad I don’t have to resort to tricks when it comes to feeding Leroy with Scott’s Emulsion Original. YAY to better health my little baby!

This quick and easy way of offering nutrients in a spoonful makes it really convenient for busy parents. Don’t get me started about chasing after him with orange flavoured Vitamin C, or mixing a syrup for him to drink in his water bottle.. mums are such tricksters, aren’t we? :p

It feels good to know that he gets a dollop of Vitamin A, D and Calcium plus DHA and EPA with each spoon (5ml, once a day for one year old*) of Scott’s Emulsion Original, meeting 100% of DHA+EPA** as part of a child’s daily needs. I know my child gets his daily support for strong bones, teeth, and immunity to help keep him happy and healthy – just like my mum did! As a mum, watching our children explore and discover the world with bright eyed wonder brings about a stir in our mama hearts. <3

Which Scott’s supplement is suitable for your child?

Scott’s Emulsion Original (with DHA) for > 1 year old
Scott’s Vitamin C Pastilles for 2 – 10 year old
Scott’s DHA Gummies for > 5  year old

Find out more here.

Scott’s Emulsion Original is available at all major supermarkets, hypermarts and pharmacies.

*1 spoon = 15ml
One 15ml spoon = 1.48g of cod liver oil.
Scott’s Emulsion cod liver oil contains DHA 165.8/mg/15ml and EPA 165.8mg/15ml – ALS Ref.ALSM140762 dated 20 Oct 15.

**FAO/WHO 2010
Recommended dietary intake for children up to age 10 yr (200-250mg DHA+EPA) according to FAO/WHO 2010. Supplements are not intended to replace normal diet.

Did you grow up with Scott’s Emulsion too? Let us know if your kids are taking their supplements too!


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