Grandmother Gives Birth to Miracle Baby

Grandmother Gives Birth to Miracle Baby

Grandmother Debbie Amos wasn't planning on getting pregnant because of the risks involved with her age. But recently she gave birth to her fourth child at the age of 43.

Debbie Amos was doubly sterilised more than a decade ago so it came as a shock when she learned that she was pregnant. Sometime in July she felt movement inside her stomach. Not knowing what was causing it, she went to the doctor. She was definitely shocked when she learned that she was just three months away from giving birth to her fourth baby!

It is really ironic that just when she didn't want to get pregnant anymore, she did. When she was nineteen, she had to take fertility drugs just to become pregnant. After the birth of her third child, she and her husband decided that she should undergo an operation to prevent any unplanned pregnancy. They're wondering what went wrong because they now have Connor, their miracle baby.

What would you do if you found out that the sterilisation procedure done on you had failed? What would you feel if you discovered that you were pregnant just when you are starting to enjoy being a grandma?

Photo from: EADT 24

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