This grandma's Instagram will help you make the most of life

This grandma's Instagram will help you make the most of life

87-year-old Baddie Winkle will show you how to embrace your wild side, and how to make the most of your life! Read to find out how!

When I login to my Instagram account each day, I'm barraged with overly saturated and edited posts of food, people with their cats, memes about people hating their mundane jobs, videos of people falling, celebrities looking better than normal people are supposed to, and other run-of-the-mill material.

Of this regularly expected material, the thing I hate to see more than anything else: posts of younger people partying and having the time of their lives.

What are their jobs? Responsibilities? Worries? Why are they having so much more fun than I am?

Then I assure myself that they're still young. They don't understand that you have to grow up. They don't understand that as you grow older, you grow tame. As a result, your Instagram will become less about foam parties, booze, and hangovers and more about work, kids, and responsibilities.

I tell myself that eventually their lives will tone down and they'll have a normal, boring Instagram account like mine...

and then I discovered 87-year-old mum, Baddie Winkle's Instagram account:


A photo posted by @baddiewinkle on


She made me realize that just because I've grown older, doesn't mean I'm any less exciting!



A photo posted by @baddiewinkle on

Just because I'm not in my prime party years, doesn't mean that I'm boring!




A photo posted by @baddiewinkle on

This totally badass grandma taught me that it's never too late to embrace your adventurous side.



A video posted by @baddiewinkle on

Whether she's kickin' it with Miley Cyrus...



A photo posted by @baddiewinkle on

Or just getting loose and goofy...



A photo posted by @baddiewinkle on

You're never too old to have a little fun.

Baddie Winkle is the coolest person her age you'll ever see. Her Instagram definitively proves it.

She lost her son when she was younger and her husband passed away years ago. She decided that she would embrace her lively energy and always keep her loved ones in mind while doing it.

Her Instagram made me want to be a more exciting, engaging person. I may not have access to her amazing party lifestyle, but I can certainly try to duplicate her spirit!

It would be hard to apply her crazy partying antics directly to parenting, but if there's one take away for parents from the epic life of Baddie Winkle, it would be this:

There's no time to be making excuses. Make the most of each moment, and embrace everything life has to offer until the very end.

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