Grandfather sells baby on Facebook

Grandfather sells baby on Facebook

A father told his daughter that her newborn died only to sell the infant on Facebook after involving a string of people. This is just one case with an “out-in-the-open” sale but thousands of children are trafficked each year out of India alone.

Keep baby safe

Read on for tips on how to keep baby safe from kidnappers

It seems that people have no qualms about selling babies, but this was a monumentally foolish move. It’s not just any social networking site—but Facebook! They were begging to be found out. This is not the first case, Misty Van Horn had put up two children for sale on Facebook as a “packaged deal”. Read about that case below.

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Third time’s a charm

This time it wasn’t the mother of the baby who put the child up for sale. A disturbing chain of events led the baby to be sold three times. The baby was reportedly delivered in Ludhiana and the grandfather of the infant told his daughter that her son had died from being ill so that he could make Rs 45,000 (approximately SGD 1,025).

A nurse had purchased the baby from the grandfather, Feroze Khan, but sold the infant for a profit at Rs 300,000 (approximately SGD 6,025). But the deal did not end there, the hospital attendant who purchased the baby in turn put the newborn up for sale on Facebook where a businessman based in Delhi made the final purchase for Rs 800,000(approximately SGD 18,200).

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Scheming for the sale

According to reports, mother Noori, gave birth to the boy on April 8 and went home the next day. However, a nurse by the name of Sunita and another hospital staff by the name of Gurpeet Singh dropped by her house on April 10 to take the baby away, claiming that he was sick. They then told her the child had died the following day.

Noori, who has been separated from her husband since February, was riddled with suspicion at her father’s sudden newfound riches soon after. So she went to the police to report her baby missing. The baby was located and is reunited with his mother, thankfully.

Why? Can you tell me why?

What were other motivators beside money? Reports say that the father had wanted to arrange for a second marriage, seeing that Noori’s husband had deserted her. According to NDTV reports Ishwar Singh, Ludhiana Commissioner of Police said: “So he thought he should get rid of the child of her daughter from her first husband by selling him off.”

According to the Telegraph, Ishwar Singh stated: “After investigations, we found the grandfather of the child had struck a deal with a man in Delhi and had roped-in the nursing staff to smuggle the baby out of the nursing home. We have arrested four people including the grandfather. We have also booked the buyer from Delhi.”

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Watch this video on child trafficking in India

How to keep baby safe?

Read on for a few tips on how to keep baby safe at all times. You can ask your child to stay away from strangers but when it comes to a baby, keeping them safe is a whole other ball game.

Keep baby safe, tip 1: Keep your eyes on the baby at all times. One second of inattention could mean that someone could whisk your baby away.

Keep baby safe, tip 2:Never leave your baby alone in the car or in the home—not for one second.

Keep baby safe, tip 3: Make sure you leave your child with someone you trust with your life. An irresponsible babysitter or a scheming maid is the last thing you want.

Keep baby safe, tip 4:Ensure that you have a good security system installed in your home, along with monitors.

Keep baby safe, tip 5Avoid dodgy places and shady people—it is not worth the risk!

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